The ingenious warning of a pharmacy to the Coronavirus panic

The ingenious warning of a pharmacy to the Coronavirus panic

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Sanitary gloves and masks

Before the arrival of the Coronavirus in Spain, there were already many people who decided to go to a pharmacy to get a mask to prevent any type of infection. Already at that time, there were many pharmacies that ran out of stock, in fact, according to the Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (Fedicar), supply requests have increased by 3,000% since December.

Since the virus has now landed in our country, the panic is increasing and the demand for masks is increasingly high. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated that the generalized use of masks should be avoided to avoid precisely that those who really need them cannot access them, many are the patients who have run out of them.

In fact, the Twitter account, Nurse Saturated, appealed last Monday that it fell in a broken sack. He asked that those who did not need them stop buying masks. “Those who do need them, for example, are some cancer patients (and not because of the coronavirus). When they go to the pharmacy to buy them, as they always did, there is no reason why you have exhausted them with your hysteria. ”, said very annoying.

Faced with this situation, some users of the social network have decided to raise their voices to denounce the misuse of the masks. Many are the pharmacies that have had to hang the sign of “There are no masks,” some even adding “Neither are necessary”, with the aim of discouraging the buyer.

According to the WHO, the mask is only necessary for health personnel or for people who will be in contact with possible infected with the coronavirus (or people with symptoms of respiratory conditions). In addition, “the use of a mask does not guarantee on its own that infections are not contracted and should be combined with other preventive measures, in particular respiratory and hand hygiene.”


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