the old obsession of the PSOE returns to subdue Madrid

the old obsession of the PSOE returns to subdue Madrid

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Isabel Diaz Ayuso has responded to the central government.

The disguised war declaration made by the Government of Pedro Sanchez Madrid has not been slow to have an answer. Isabel Diaz Ayuso He has accused the Central Executive on Friday of trying to break the “autonomy” of the Community of Madrid by imposing two expired taxes: Heritage and Inheritance and Donations.

“It will have us in front. In the face of a government of oppression, there will be a government of freedom. This will be answered,” warned the Madrid president in response to the announcement made a day earlier by the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero, on the “harmonization” of the ceded taxes.

This, ironically, on the same day that the central executive announced the transfer of the Social Security economic management to the Basque Country. An old claim that de facto dynamited a “model of success, centralized, highly integrated, sophisticated and technologically very complex”, in the words of the former Secretary of State of Social Security with Mariano Rajoy, Tomas Burgos, to Daily.

From the surroundings of the Madrid president, they affirm that this is not an economic issue, or not only, but above all political: La Moncloa against the Puerta del Sol. A battle that they also fought in their day Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero Y Esperanza Aguirre from identical trenches: with each tax that the central government raised, the Madrid person lowered it in the regional section.

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The Community of Madrid is the great battleship of PP against the policies of Pedro Sanchez. And the goal to beat the latter, which does not support that from the same investiture speech, Diaz Ayuso will face it: “We will demand from the central government not to increase taxes on families and businesses. But, if it finally does, the Community of Madrid undertakes the necessary tax cuts to compensate, as far as possible, fiscal voracity of the socialist government, “he promised then, back in August.

The Government of Madrid has come out responded to Sanchez. And not only the president but also the partner of Diaz Ayuso, Ignacio Aguado. He has picked up the minister’s glove Huntsman and he has urged that the harmonization be “in Madrid”: Low taxes, attraction of talent and defense of freedom “.

Because in addition, they believe in the Puerta del Sol that the unsupportive and advantageous portrait that the Government of Sanchez has painted the Community of Madrid does not correspond to reality. The presiding region Diaz Ayuso It is, by far, the one that contributes the most to the Fundamental Public Services Guarantee Fund (FGSPF), the inter-community solidarity fund.

Specifically in this 2020 will be about 4,000 million euros, compared to just over 1,500 million provided by the following community, Catalonia. “It is intolerable the constant questioning of the left and the nationalists with the role that the Community of Madrid plays in the whole of Spain,” complained days ago the spokesman of the PP in the regional Assembly, Alfonso Serrano. “With a GDP similar to Catalonia, the solidarity effort of the people of Madrid is evident.”

And do not relax Andalusia, Galicia, Castilla y Leon and Murcia, all governed by the PP and all applying tax cuts. This also goes for them; or against them.


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