Where’s Rebecca Reusch? Four theories of family and police

Where's Rebecca Reusch? Four theories of family and police

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Rebecca Reusch has been gone for a year. To date, the family and police have followed several theories as to what might have happened to Rebecca.

Rebecca Reusch is already missing for a year. On February 18, 2019, the then 15-year-old disappeared without a trace. To date, numerous clues and large-scale searches have run into nothing. Still, the family doesn’t give up. She continues to believe that she will find the girl alive – while the public prosecutor has long suspected her death. What really happened to Rebecca Reusch? Four theories are still circulating to this day.

Theory 1: Rebecca disappeared from her brother-in-law’s house

To date, the investigators believe that Rebecca Reusch “did not leave the house of her sister and brother-in-law, where she stayed,”. Prosecutor Martin Glage confirmed to “Bild”.

Traces of burglary or an intrusion into the house could not be detected. Accordingly, the main suspect remains the brother-in-law who is said to have been alone with Rebecca at the time of the disappearance. Despite contradicting statements by the suspect, the police so far, however, no further action against him without concrete information. He was released from custody, but has no alibi to date.

The police don’t believe that Rebecca would still be alive, The Reusch family sees it differently, who also clings to the brother-in-law’s innocence.

Theory 2: Rebecca wanted to take fan photos

Both her sister and Rebecca Reusch’s mother do not believe that the girl died in the house. In interviews, including with RTL, they repeatedly reveal their own theories. So Rebeccas sister wants to be sure that she left for the bus stop – while the mother thinks the disappearance may have something to do with the girl’s favorite band, In addition to a Polaroid camera, a purple blanket is said to have been stolen from the house, which she could have used for fan photos. Nobody knows what happened next – but the family is certain that Rebecca Reusch is still alive. Prosecutor Glage, on the other hand, considers “kidnapping on the way to school largely impossible”.

Theory 3: The girl ran away

With a missing person report there is also the option that the person ran away voluntarily. So far, there has been no evidence of this with Rebecca Reusch; on the morning of her disappearance, she is said to have sent a photo to a friend. Rebeccas father also insured her RTL: “That doesn’t suit her”.

Theory 4: Rebecca Reusch is still held today

Instead, Rebecca Reusch’s family still has its own theory to this day. Mother Brigitte recently spoke again in the RTL interview. She continues to believe that her daughter has been locked up to this day: “Any spinner who just holds her. For me, she lives.”

Whatever happened to the girl, we hope that the Rebecca Reusch case will be cleared up soon – and that the family can find peace.

Person description for Rebecca Reusch

The original missing person’s description of the Berlin police to Rebecca Reusch from March 2019 is as follows:

Personal description:

  • 15 -18 years
  • 170-180 cm tall
  • slim shape
  • brown, shoulder-length hair

Rebecca was dressed as follows:

  • pink plush jacket
  • white hoodie with “RAP MONSTER”
  • blue jeans with torn knees
  • black / white sports shoes of the brand “VANS”
  • large beige-pink handbag
  • red backpack

Sources used: RTL, Berlin police, picture

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