Anne Roumanoff flies to the rescue of Florence Foresti and denounces “bitter attacks”

Anne Roumanoff flies to the rescue of Florence Foresti and denounces

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Cesar 2020: Anne Roumanoff flies to the rescue of Florence Foresti and denounces “bitter attacks”

She’s had enough of bashing. In a publication unveiled on her Facebook account, Anne Roumanoff stepped up to defend Florence Foresti. Mistress of ceremonies from the last edition of the Cesars, the latter has since been the target of all critics because of her performance.

2016 Mistress of Ceremony, Florence Foresti lent herself again to exercise four years later, this Friday, February 28. And it must be said that his second performance did not convince everyone. Indeed, since the 45th edition of the big movie night – during which Toni’s mom openly attacked Roman Polanski, which she nicknamed “Popol” or “Atchoum” – the actress is under fire from critics. Of “bitter attacks” than Anne Roumanoff no longer supports. In a new publication on her Facebook account, revealed in the evening of Thursday 5 to Friday 6 March, the actress has stepped up to the plate in favor of Florence Foresti. “I agree that everyone should express their opinion”, initiates Anne Roumanoff, accepting the “reservations about the presentation of the Caesars”, the critics of “Adele Haenel’s emotion” who had left the Pleyel hall in a rage following an unsustainable trigger.

“But what I cannot bear are the bitter attacks that Florence Foresti has been undergoing for the past eight days “, then vociferates the humorist. And to quote the insults of which the mistress of ceremonies – also very uplifted following the victory of Roman Polanski crowned best director – was the target. “Vulgar, anti-semitic, hyena, sickening, her salary revealed … And what else ?! “, thus carried away Anne Roumanoff. In the process, she did not hesitate to make an explicit reference to the Polanski affair, which has split the world of cinema in two since the late 1970s.“She was the one who sodomized a 13-year-old girl? Was she the one who fled justice for 45 years? Since 2017, women have raised their heads “, writes Anne Roumanoff. And to conclude by castigating the affronts that she judges “simply disgusting”.

Lambet Wilson, Karl Zero, Yann Moix or Frederic Beigeder (who has not hesitated to quote it for better shooting it), everyone had a say in Florence Foresti’s performance. Some anonymous judges that she had been punished for her convictions have stood up for the principal, when his salary had been revealed live on the set of Do not touch My TV. On the Web, Cyril Hanouna was even accused of wanting to discredit the one who had agreed to don the mistress of ceremonies, without wanting to applaud Roman Polanski.


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