Carmen Geiss spreads corona myths – and reaps shitstorm

Carmen Geiss spreads corona myths - and reaps shitstorm

© Getty Images / Andreas Rentz

Onions versus corona? Carmen Geiss spreads a strange chain letter to help her followers. But what she reaps is a huge shit storm.

The corona virus is currently causing quite a stir. The supermarket shelves are bought empty, events canceled, travel options restricted – many try to protect themselves wherever possible. And also Carmen Geiss jumped on the train and apparently got infected by the corona panic. She warns her fans, but don’t worry, she already has the right antidote. According to Carmen, a special household remedy should help – the good, old onion.

“I definitely believe in it”

What are we talking about? Carmen Geiss shares a strange one Chain letter on Instagram, who recommends a medieval method of protection against the virus. Onions are said to come to the aid and protect against pathogens as a panacea. The posting states that a doctor noticed in 1919 that onions can filter the air healthy. “Please read that, it is very important to me,” Carmen comments on the detailed text, “I definitely believe in it!”