Has Muslim been unloaded in favor of AfD politicians?

Has Muslim been unloaded in favor of AfD politicians?

© WDR / Annika Fubwinkel
Because an Erfurt Muslim was unloaded in favor of an AfD politician, Sandra Maischberger and her talk show are criticized.

At first, the Erfurt Muslim Mohammad Suleman Malik was very happy. However, the invitation to the ARD talk show “Maischberger” was quickly followed by an unloading – in favor of an AfD politician, as he claims. After venting his anger via Twitter, representatives of the TV show now responded.

The ARD political talk show “Maischberger” is currently at the center of a controversy. Stumbling block: Muslims from Erfurt, Muslims in Erfurt, had said that they were invited by the persons in charge of the format to issue the program in which the latest political events in Thuringia should have been dealt with. Malik reported via Twitter on Thursday about the “Maischberger” request and everything that came after: “Mr. Malik, we would like to invite you to our talk show. You are subject to public criticism and your mosque is being built in Thuringia”, I was told at first. He very much welcomed the offer. However, shortly afterwards, the responsible had withdrawn the invitation – so, Malik sees it, to welcome the AfD party leader Tino Chrupalla as a guest.

Muslim complains of “scandalous incident”

As a result of this decision, Malik was stunned and criticized via Twitter: “Anyone who offers fascists and racists a stage is complicit in racist terror, as in Hanau.” He was “stunned”. He also called for the boycott of the show. The Muslim also explained the reason given by “Maischberger” for what he considered to be a “scandalous incident”. When he called, he received the message: “You are too public, that is unfair to others. We want citizens to have their say let come who are not so much in public. ” Most recently, Malik made the headlines as Thuringias first new mosque builder.

“Maischberger” rejects allegations

The reaction of those responsible at “Maischberger” was not long in coming. They rejected the serious allegations via Twitter. “We regret that we had to cancel Mr. Malik and many other interested parties for this program. These cancellations are not related to the invitation of the politicians, who will answer the questions of the public,” said the official Twitter page of the ARD talk . In addition, the organizers justified Chrupallas invitation by inviting politicians from the CDU, the Left and the AfD “because these three parties played a key role in shaping the debate”. The editorial team also referred to a guest appearance by Malik in November 2016 on the topic of integration and emphasized that she valued him “as a committed discussionist who addresses important problems in society”.

The “Maischberger” edition was ultimately canceled. March 4 would have been scheduled for the broadcast. However, due to the live broadcast of the DFB Cup match between Werder Bremen and Eintracht Frankfurt, the talk was thrown out of the program.


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