How to wear the trendy carrot pants properly

How to wear the trendy carrot pants properly

Don’t know how to wear trendy mom jeans? Here are styling tips that make the carrot your favorite trousers and a real figure-flatterer

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With these styling tips you cut a good figure in mom jeans.

You know what bell bottoms and skinny jeans are. Skinny and slim fit anyway. But have you read more about mom jeans in online shops lately and not the faintest idea what that means?

It sounds like maternity wear or jeans for your mom’s generation. But it’s about something completely different! We clarify what is behind the term, who mom jeans are and how you combine the pants in a stylish way.

What are mom jeans anyway?

Even if the name sounds a bit like pregnancy fashion: mom jeans are called that because their wide-cut legs, which narrow at the bottom, are reminiscent of the pants that your mother must have worn in the nineties. At that time they were called carrot jeans. Sounds only slightly better, doesn’t it? No matter.

At any rate, these pants, which are tapering downwards, are again very popular. You could even say: If there is ONE jeans trend in 2020, it is clearly mom jeans. Shop mom jeans here at!

How is a real mom jeans cut?

There are a few simple, distinctive identifying features of the mom carrot:

  • The covenant is high waist. Means in good German: A classic mom jeans has a high waist
  • The hem usually ends slightly above the ankle.
  • The legs of the trousers are tight towards the bottom. The leg shape is reminiscent of a carrot. Hence the name known from the past: carrot jeans.
  • The pants are cut further at the thighs and buttocks and are therefore wonderfully comfortable.

Who is mom jeans for?

The high waistband of mom jeans emphasizes long legs and makes short legs look longer. The flip side of the coin: the high fit means that the butt quickly looks elongated and flat. So if you always do a lot of squats to get your butt out big, mom jeans won’t necessarily emphasize that. Unless you make sure that the back pockets are rather small, close together and slightly inclined inwards. This makes the bottom look round and crisp despite the wide cut.

Which mom jeans fit best?

Of course, that depends on how the jeans interact with your figure. Basically, we find the cuts of these models particularly successful:

What is the best way to style and combine mom jeans?

Many women have the feeling that the wide-cut trousers are bulky, they quickly feel informal in mom jeans and therefore prefer to continue using skinny jeans – even though they would really like to wear the hip trousers. Do you feel the same way? Then let yourself be told: properly styled, the carrot will flatter your figure! That’s how it’s done:

1. Roll up your legs

Already knew? Pants with a high waist – like mom jeans – generally make the legs appear longer. If you also roll up your pants legs, your legs will look even longer.

2. Put your top in

The high waist of a mom jeans makes a great waist. Provided you are wearing a narrow or cropped top. You should put long sweaters in your pants. Otherwise, the figure will quickly look informal.

3. Accentuate the center of the body with a belt

To emphasize the waist even more, you can put on a belt with a striking buckle. They are very popular right now anyway. In combination with carrot pants you score twice on the style account.

4. Style mom jeans are elegant

Due to the not very tight cut, mom jeans look more casual than serious. Which doesn’t mean you can’t style them chic anyway. Keyword: break in style! Turtlenecks, blazers, chic loafers, loafers or high shoes make a stylish office look from the supposed slobber pants.

Mom jeans look super casual, can be combined well, from sporty to elegant. They also flatter – properly styled – even your figure. And they are so comfortable that you don’t want to swap the carrot for sweatpants at home right away. And that’s exactly what makes jeans your favorite jeans.


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