Justice Minister Lambrecht is still aiming for euthanasia regulation in this legislature

Justice Minister Lambrecht is still aiming for euthanasia regulation in this legislature

After the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht would like to regulate euthanasia before the next federal election. She proposes group proposals for this.

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The Judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court for euthanasia it was clear: the right to personality included the freedom to take one’s own life. The ban on “business-like promotion of suicide” is therefore unconstitutional and euthanasia must be re-regulated by law. Federal Minister of Justice wants that Christine Lambrecht still create in this legislative period.

“I think it is feasible for us to create regulations on suicide assistance through group applications in the Bundestag during this parliamentary term,” said the SPD politician to the “Rheinische Post”. Group applications are regarded as a “decision of conscience”, for which the parliamentary constraint in the Bundestag is usually lifted.

By the decision of the Constitutional Court is organized euthanasia no longer prohibited. This is about assisted euthanasia – the deadly drug is made available, the patient takes it himself. Active euthanasia – i.e. killing on request, for example by an injection – remains prohibited.

Health Minister Jens Spahn has announced talks

The constitutional court also highlighted the possibility for the legislator to regulate euthanasia – such as advisory duties and waiting periods are conceivable. “Therefore, the members of the German Bundestag are now required to create a new regulation,” said Lambrecht. “As the issue of suicide assistance is regulated by law, a conscience decision must remain free of parliamentary discipline.” Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had already announced discussions about possible new regulations.

Lambrecht said she was personally convinced that assisted suicide should not become the norm in society. “Old people and people in need of care have the right to care, support and care. Under no circumstances should they feel that they need suicide help if they need a certain amount of care,” said the minister.


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