Make disinfectant for hands yourself: it’s that easy!

Make disinfectant for hands yourself: it's that easy!

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Make your own disinfectant: how it works

The corona virus causes bottlenecks, because disinfectants for hands and the like are partially sold out. We’ll tell you how to do it yourself.In times of Coronavirus’ is a disinfectant never been as popular as it is now. It makes the most sense to look at the Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water to wash there 80 percent of the bacteria transmitted through our hands. A home disinfectant is from Experts viewed as superfluous and can even harm us. If you still want to have a sterillium on the go that you can use between the office and front door, you can do it yourself.

Make your own disinfectant

This World Health Organization (WHO) prescription applies to one liter. To make the hand disinfectant, you need the following ingredients, which you can find in the pharmacy you get:

  • 830 ml ethanol (96%)
  • 45 ml hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  • 15 ml glycerin (98%)
  • 110 ml of boiled water

Mix everything in a sealable container and shake it vigorously. Now you can use it, but you should Avoid eye contact and keep it out of the reach of children.

Even more DIY recipes:


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