Miss France contest threatened? Sylvie Tellier “deeply shocked” by what she has just discovered …

Miss France contest threatened? Sylvie Tellier

The High Council for Equality has just made its second “inventory of sexism in France” and denounces in particular, the instrumentalization of women through the Miss France competition.

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Miss France contest threatened? Sylvie Tellier “deeply shocked” by what she has just discovered …

According to the creation decree of the High Council, its mission is “to ensure concertation with civil society and to animate the public debate on the main orientations of the policy of women’s rights and equality”.

Besides, the latter has just returned his second “inventory of sexism in France “, an annual report which aims tocombating sexism in business, in the media and in politics “. Et the Miss France competition, broadcast each year on TF1 is particularly pinned there, described as an “archaic caricature”.

The High Council for Equality affirms and regrets the fact that the election is only based on “the body and the presence of women “.

President of the Miss France committee, Sylvie Tellier, herself elected Miss France 2002, decided to react. “It is extremely reductive to reduce this to mere physical criteria. Beauty is the elegance of a woman, her intelligence, her intelligence of heart, her charisma and, of course, her physical assets, very suggestive criteria. This is also why we prohibit cosmetic surgery. The only criterion required is a size criterion “, she explained in an interview with Puremedias.

“Pdeeply shocked“to read that this program is perceived in the report as a”instrumentalization and sexual availability “ candidates and oneresponse to the male fantasy “, the principal concerned continued: “It’s a contest for unmarried women since, if you translate, Miss means Miss. (…) And to change these rules would be to modify the very essence of the competition. In no case do we prohibit them from marrying or having children during their reign year. ”

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