Racing is the only one who won

Racing is the only one who won

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Argentinas Racing Club team players pose for a photo prior to a Copa Libertadores soccer match against Venezuelas Students of Merida in Merida, Venezuela, Thursday, March 5, 2020. (AP Photo / Matias Delacroix)

Argentina is a power and always a candidate, no matter where you play and against whom, both at the selection level and clubs. “We are Argentina, dad, the best in the world.”

The speech is obsolete and false, but it is tattooed in the Soccer Homeland of our country. That football was matched in recent decades is not new and the few international titles that Argentine football has garnered in recent decades, a test.

Although Velez, Boca and River have marked eras with successful, very successful teams, at the continental level, the team has not shouted champion since 1993 and the 2004 and 2008 Olympic titles are undervalued.

Perhaps the River of Marcelo Gallardo, after the Boca de Carlos Bianchi have been the ones who installed a clear domain of an Argentine team in the region, however, the rest did not accompany. Or he did sporadically. A South American of Lanus, two of Independiente and the devastating Velez was far away.

River substitutes fell in Quito - Reuters Photo

River substitutes fell in Quito – Reuters Photo

Today, the selections at all levels, are in full restructuring, as is the major, which has been unable to make the most of stars like Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and others. One of the reasons: we will always have a savior who brings us the cup, even though the structure collapses.

In fact, even the incomprehensible ranking FIFA took out the Top 10 National Team. The fall in the round of 16 after a bad first phase in Russia 2018 prove it.

While other countries raise their level, Argentine soccer seems to have stagnated or not finished finding its course, at a juncture that forces it to quickly detach itself from its figures, enhancing its role as an exporter, when in Brazil, it sells for much more money and elite soccer players are bought much more often than here. They are, even, those young people who arise there.

Boca got a tie with little flavor in Venezuela - Photo AFP

Boca got a tie with little flavor in Venezuela – Photo AFP

This Copa Libertadores has River, Boca, Racing, Defense and Justice and Tigre as Argentine representatives. The first two, on the front page the last two editions, while those of Avellaneda want to regain prominence in South America.

Those of Florencio Varela and those of Victoria, today in the second division, make their first experiences and do not aspire to maximum glory.

River 0-3; 0-2 Tiger; 1-2 of Defense and Justice; 1 to 1 of Boca and 2-1 of Racing. Three defeats, one draw and one win is the Argentine balance on the first day of the Cup, with the mitigations that the two largest in the country presented alternative teams because over the weekend they will define the Super League champion hand in hand of disappearing Internal competition also falters and the foundation cracks.

In the Independent South American Cup, Lanus, Velez and Union agreed to the next phase with many difficulties and suffering, perhaps, more than the account. Argentinos and Hurricane quickly stayed on the road.

The Red had an agonizing classification against Fortaleza - Photo AFP

The Red had an agonizing classification against Fortaleza – Photo AFP

In a year of Copa America in our country, at least one of the two zones and at the beginning of the Qualifiers, few dare to imagine a Champion National Team or quickly qualified to Qatar, after so many disappointments. The professed faith to the great values ​​that come out of Argentine soccer is less and less.

“We are good, but Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay and Bolivia in height will be complicated.” The expectation and the speech are changing because that preaching that is not demonstrated with facts in football, quickly dilutes.

“We’re Argentina, dad, we’ll see how far we get.”


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