the advance summary of episode 4009 of Thursday, March 5

the advance summary of episode 4009 of Thursday, March 5

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More beautiful life (spoilers): the advance summary of episode 4009 of Thursday, March 5

Lunas relatives put pressure on him to rehabilitate him. Baptiste’s guest seems to have a lot to hide.

Thursday March 5 in More beautiful lifeAlexandra appreciate that baptist welcomed her. She says she is on the street, after trying, in vain, to have a place in the home. They remember old memories and she congratulates him on his personal situation. Luna, who will be in the spotlight in the next bonus, is very moved to have witnessed the birth of a foal. Andres appreciates to see how comfortable she is now with horses, she who, only a few months ago, could not even approach them.

Ariane gets closer to Melmont

Alex Melmont received a package. Ariane suggests that he be careful when opening it. Even if it is only a panty sent by a patient who makes a transfer. To thank her for her help, the shrink offers to invite her to dinner. Boher finds Ariane on the lookout in front of the Melmont. Her colleague makes fun of her because nebout had told them to let go of the surveillance and, above all, she is resting. At his shrink, Boher reveals to have a good relationship with Samia, even if they have some skirmishes about their daughter. He complains of having abandonment syndrome. He also tells her how afraid he was to lose Ariane when she got shot.

Babeth interrogates Jane on the schedule. She warns her about the risk of burnout of all staff if she continues with these hellish rates. On the admission records, she is surprised to see the name of the mother of Mila. Luna cross Mirta, who questions him about his relationship with Andres so insistently that Luna ends up exploding.

Luna collides with her physiotherapist

During a rehabilitation session, Bertrand puts pressure on Luna to make her stand up. She refuses. In the hotel, Mirta questions him about the revelations made to him by the physiotherapist. She fears that her refusal to try to walk again may have something to do with her relationship with Andres.

Alexandra must pass an interview. baptist tells him that whileEmma is absent, she can stay with him. He then receives a visit from Kevin, who complains about Irinas methods. He falls on a bra and he fears that the situation between baptist and Alexandra could flow onto something more serious.

Jane interrogates Mila about why she was staying in the hospital. She accuses him of not having told him that his mother was there. She asks Mila if she did not suggest stealing the pin. She asks him to give it back. Mila takes it badly and accuses him of seeing in her only a little thief.

At dinner, Ariane evokes with Melmont his arrival at the Mistral. Then questions him about the absence of personal photos in his apartment. He claims that all of his previous relationships felt like he was psychoanalyzing them. On leaving the restaurant, they are attacked by Marc Sauret. He threatens the cop while the therapist promises to help him if he releases her. Sauret projected Ariane in his arms and runs away. She kisses Melmont.

Andres worried about the rehabilitation session of Luna. He is surprised that she only worked the upper body. She claims that it was a choice of her physiotherapist. Alexandra enters a room in the hospital. And is surprised by Leah who questions him about the reasons for his presence …