100 million transfers? Hoeneb expects “new soccer world”

100 million transfers? Hoeneß expects

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Uli Hoeneb spoke about his Bavarian days

For Uli Hoeneb there will “very likely be a new soccer world” due to the corona crisis.

“You can’t prescribe it, but I can’t imagine 100 million euro transfers in the near future,” said the long-time president of Bayern Munich kicker (Thursday edition).

Hoeneb expects the transfer sums to fall, “the amounts will not be able to move at the previous level in the next two or three years.” Because all countries are affected.

Hoeneb gives Bundesliga hope

The 68-year-old is reluctant to make statements about further developments in the Bundesliga. “Anyone who makes predictions about a possible start of the games are charlatans,” said Hoeneb. For the 2019/20 season he sees “no existential problem” if it still works with games without a spectator.

Because ghost games also guaranteed the television money. However, if the ball does not roll until Christmas, “the livelihood of the entire league is threatened”.

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Hoeneb: Have to learn to be patient

A few days ago, in the 1000th episode of the CHECK24 double pass at SPORT1 made a fiery appeal to the solidarity of society and asked everyone to pay attention to the essentials – and in the current situation that is not football.

“I think it is important that we stop now and that everyone thinks about what’s going on in the world,” said Hoeneb. “At the moment we all have to learn to be patient.”

The former head of Bavaria praises the German politicians who are currently “doing a sensational job. Think of Italy, where a doctor has to decide whether he has to switch off the ventilator for an 80-year-old because it is reserved for a 55-year-old THAT are major problems – and we don’t have to worry about when the Bundesliga starts again. ”

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