3 things that go wrong in communication between men and women!

3 things that go wrong in communication between men and women!

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An escalation of word battles is not uncommon for couples. These three tips will make you a communication expert in your own relationship

Communication seems to be more difficult than expected. No wonder: Because sometimes you really have the feeling that men and women do not speak the same language and live in their own little world. Both are only happy to hear the things they want to understand. With these 3 tips you can – like a professional – easily bypass and fix communication problems.

1. Say what you really want

In this case, silence is really not gold. Instead of putting your hands in your lap and waiting until your partner understands the hint with the fence post, you should start a conversation with your sweetheart. This is the only way to make your wishes and needs a reality.

2. Lower your expectations and avoid pressure

Even if the butterflies in your stomach have developed into an intimate and longing love in the course of your relationship: During this period your partner has definitely not developed the superpower to read your wishes from your eyes and lips. As soon as you increase your partner’s expectations, you build up pressure. Such accusations inevitably lead to disappointment and argument. To avoid this, you should go inside yourself and be aware of how your needs have changed over time and why you are unhappy with your current situation.

3. Interest and affection are the keys to a happy relationship

You have to delete words like “Aha”, “Hmm” or “Jaja” from your vocabulary! This statement only drips with disinterest in your partner and leads to misunderstandings arising from passivity, which can lead to a violent argument. Try to put yourself in the position of your partner and think about what he might long for at this moment … A hug or maybe a nice evening for two? Sometimes words are not necessary to be able to communicate properly!

Communication has to be learned! With words you can not only create the most beautiful moments, but also destroy them in milliseconds. So talk to each other properly so that you can understand each other.

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(Author: Georgia Tsonis)

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