5 activities to put children on the move

5 activities to put children on the move

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Martial arts also educates in values.

Something that is no longer discussed is that exercising regularly generates health benefits at any stage of life. It is a habit and, like any of these, it is better to incorporate it from an early age. Hence the importance of initiating children in the practice of physical activity.

It is also clear that each baby and girl are different and, therefore, what one may like is not necessarily to the liking of another. And the latter is not something minor. It is very important to be clear when planning children’s activities: do not force them, but accompany them in their decisions. Support them without pressure or influence.

“It is essential that all professionals related to physical activity and sports, who are in charge of people who practice an activity, have adequate academic training that allows them to conduct their classes with suitability, ethical sense and respect for the interests and differences of these people ”, says the Bachelor of Physical Education and Master of Education, Alejandro Anasco, Academic Secretary of the Faculty of Motor and Sports of the Inter-American Open University (UAI) and researcher.

Both physical education teachers, as pediatricians and psychologists recommend that older children keep in mind that younger children should see physical activity and sport as something fun, a game with which have a good time.

It is important to ensure that they practice on a regular basis and choose teachers who have the passion, dedication and care necessary to carry out their work.

We also have to give the example: It is good that they see that their parents carry out physical and sports activities. “The school, in its education classes, has a great importance in promoting habits of exercise and sport, since it can establish bridges with other institutions and generate lasting customs so that the boys and girls incorporate the taste for the movement. As a social institution that transmits culture (in this case of the movement) it must generate in its classes such a strong rootedness that sport is not the only practice option for adult life, but must be presented with a large range of possibilities so that more and more boys and girls want to move, ”continued Anasco.

5 activities to practice from childhood


In this case it is not only about encouraging children to perform a sport with multiple known benefits, but learning to swim is a basic necessity for the life of any person. As an exercise, it improves coordination, strength and endurance, among other benefits.

Martial Arts

Both judo and karate, to name two examples, favor the coordination of movements, give strength, speed, agility and stimulate reflexes. In addition, many of these have a philosophy behind and a lifestyle that educates children in values ​​and codes of conduct, teach self-control, relaxation and respect. They are part of a team, beyond being individual sports, as they learn to take care of their training partners.

Team activities

Be it soccer, basketball, hockey or any other, they are important because, beyond working the physical part and coordination, the boys relate and learn to work in groups to achieve a plural objective.

The dance combines the artistic with the exercise.

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The dance combines the artistic with the exercise.

Dance and expressive movement

Although it has more to do with the artistic and not so much with the sports, the dance not only develops its emotions and works the psychological as disinhibition, but also promotes cardiovascular exercise and strengthens the muscles, among others. Depending on the age of the children, there are multiple rhythms and dances that adapt to the needs.

Activities in the nature

Performing physical activity in natural environments such as mountain walks, climbing, games, adventure sports, among others, generates that people can enjoy this practice in places that they usually do not frequent (in the case of urban populations), where The possibilities of creating and enjoying the environment are many.


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