6 places you always forget when cleaning in the spring

6 places you always forget when cleaning in the spring

With the chirping of birds and the rays of the sun, spring is gradually beginning. If you’ve already got the cleaning fever, don’t forget these spots!

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If the motivation grabs us and we clean the whole house at the beginning of spring, there are a few things to consider. Many things like windows, kitchen counter and shelves are a matter of course, but some places and objects are quickly forgotten and accidentally left out during the annual spring cleaning. Pay attention to these places:

1. Bottom of tables and chairs

Tables and chairs are always cleaned, but have you ever cleaned the underside of such furniture? Often you don’t think about it, but guests and the constant touching dirt collect dirt under chairs and tables. You should not forget these places.

2. Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are so obvious in every room that we no longer really notice them and therefore forget to clean them. But watch out, because dust likes to collect on the shades of the ceiling lights. Simply remove the dirt with a wet rag.

3. Door frames and handles

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Door handles are used every day and not just by your own family. Craftsmen, guests and other people touch these places, which is why it is all the more important to clean here. The door frames also get a gray veil over time and look forward to an extensive cleaning session.

4. Light switch

Light switches are similar to door handles. They are often touched, perhaps even when the hands are not freshly washed. So countless bacteria collect here, which must definitely be removed during the next spring cleaning.

5. Cutlery drawer

The cutlery drawer is susceptible to dust and dirt. It is opened frequently every day and comes into contact with many hands. Since these are knives, forks, spoons, etc., this area should not be left out during spring cleaning.

6. Trash can

Different garbage ends up in the trash can every day. A bag alone is not enough to keep it clean. The garbage can should therefore be rinsed and scrubbed properly every now and then. What is more suitable than the annual spring cleaning?

(Author: Isabella HOcherl)

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