9 parties for, 3 against

9 parties for, 3 against

The government led by the French-speaking liberal Sophie Wilmes received the confidence of the House on Thursday afternoon by 84 votes for, 44 against and no abstentions.

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Nine parties confirm their confidence in the Wilmes government

In addition to the parties sitting in government, namely the MR, the CD & amp; V and the Open Vld, the executive obtained the confidence of the socialists (PS and sp.a), the ecologists (Ecolo-Groen), the cdH, Defi and independent deputy Emir Kir.

The Flemish nationalists of the N-VA and Vlaams Belang, joined by independent deputy Jean-Marie Dedecker, voted against, as did the PTB-PVDA.

This vote took place in a very particular way, because of the social distancing measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). A roll call and a ballot were cast in three different rooms, including the Chamber. The deputies whose last names begin with the letters A to K voted in the hemicycle, L to S in the committee room “Jacques Brel” and T to Z in the committee room “Father Damien”.

Following the vote, the deputies were invited to return to their offices pending votes on the two pieces of legislation on the agenda for the following plenary session, including that on the provisional twelfths.

The Wilmes government is therefore now legally in full exercise of all of its powers, even if the Prime Minister promised on Tuesday in the House not to go beyond the scope of current affairs for matters that do not fall under the crisis of coronavirus.

Although fully functional, this government is not immediately invested with special powers. The vote of a bill or a bill by simple majority must take place in this direction.

A conference of presidents was convened at the end of the plenary session.

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