A coach arrested for alleged violation of a client in Bilbao

A coach arrested for alleged violation of a client in Bilbao

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A judge has sent a coach from a gymnasium in Bilbao to prison, accused of sexually assaulting a client last Sunday who had previously offered to give a massage to alleviate a muscular problem that the woman suffers in her back.

According to sources from the Security Department, the Ertzaintza arrested this 33-year-old individual in Bilbao yesterday and then placed him at the disposal of the judicial authority, which decreed his imprisonment for a crime of sexual assault.

The events occurred early Sunday afternoon in a gymnasium in Bilbao, of which the now jailed coach.

The detainee had offered to give a massage to a young client who has a muscular problem in the back, something that the coach already knew previously, So the young woman agreed.

The coach waited until only the two of them were at the premises, first thing in the afternoon, to proceed to give him the massage and took advantage of that moment to perpetrate the aggression.

After what happened, the young woman left the place, contacted a friend and denounced the aggression before the Ertzaintza, who, after collecting all the information about the events, contacted the alleged aggressor, summoned him yesterday in police offices in Bilbao to give a statement and then arrested him on charges of a crime of sexual assault


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