A hoax about a prisoner with a coronavirus causes an outbreak of fire in a prison

A hoax about a prisoner with a coronavirus causes an outbreak of fire in a prison

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A hoax about him entry of a prisoner with coronavirus has caused a fire outbreak among the prisoners of a module of the penitentiary center of Fontcalent (Alicante), as reported by sources of Penitentiary Institutions. These sources specify that the officials have managed to calm the inmates and that there has been no mutiny.

The false news that a prisoner who had tested positive for a prisoner had entered the prison Covid-19 has generated a moment of “nervousness“within a specific module of Alicante prison. According to the aforementioned sources, there has been fire and the situation has been resolved with the intervention of the head of services.

Penitentiary Institutions has adopted measures to restrict access to all Spanish prisons, allowing up to now the communications made by parlor, with the idea of ​​avoiding contagion within centers. There are also controls on the return of permits, although the measures in force may vary to tighten due to the declaration of the state of alarm.

Unions such as CSIF have reported this incident and have demanded that the Government provide prison officials with more self-protection measures.

Specifically, the union has asked the Interior to transfer to Penitentiary Institutions the “immediate” suspension of communications through screens in all penitentiary centers and to allow sufficient space inside the prisons for situations of isolation.

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