Accelerate beard growth: is that possible?

Accelerate beard growth: is that possible?

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The best tricks for growing your beard

Growing a beard is very much in vogue. We reveal how it works faster with the facial hair.

Growing a beard: this is how you can accelerate your beard growth

Fortunately, man is with this bearded Problem not alone. In addition, beard growth agents are now available for a full face mat. The dream of a full beard is therefore not a utopia.

The best tricks to grow the beard

Man thing that we explain how the beard grows, how the beard growth can be accelerated and what tricks it does Home remedies and other preparations (keyword: Minoxidil).

The most important facts about beard growth

How long it takes the individual hair to find its way out of the hair root through the skin depends on Beard bearer yourself.

These factors affect beard growth

  • Genes: The expression of the beard growth is genetic.
  • Testosterone levels: The more testosterone the body produces, the stronger the beard growth.
  • Healthy eating: Diet can also have a significant impact on testosterone levels.

That’s how much the beard grows every day

Generally, whiskers should grow between 0.35 and 0.7 millimeters per day – that’s around 1.2 centimeters a month.

You will have a three-day beard after a few days, but only after about six weeks can you officially call your face mat a full beard.

When can a man grow a beard?

Beard growth symbolizes masculinity. Teenagers cannot wait to welcome the first fluff on their faces. However, it takes a few years from the first stubble to full beard. Here, too, there is no concrete age from which the fluff can become bristles and beard breeding can be taken seriously.

The beard growth begins in adolescents about five to six years after the pubic hair. The first fluff sprouts over the upper lip, then along the cheeks and below the chin.

The thick whiskers only grow in their mid-20s – without a guarantee of a full-face skin. The beard continues to grow with age and becomes denser, but may show thinning spots at the age of 30. This means that a thick, full beard can grow at the age of 18 or even 40.

Accelerate beard growth – is that possible?

The good answer is: Every man has the opportunity to optimize his beard within certain limits and to promote his beard growth! Often it is not just a question of making the beard grow faster, but of nature in the case of weak or irregular beard growth.

Three everyday tips for stronger beard growth

  • Push testosterone levels: Male hormones are also responsible for body hair. A low testosterone level could therefore be the cause of a slow beard growth. One thing helps against this: strength training! Because endurance training lowers testosterone levels.
  • Eat healthier: Healthy eating promotes a healthy body – and hair counts too. Fast food will therefore not accelerate beard growth. However, a high protein diet provides more testosterone.
  • Vitamin shock! Hair also needs vitamins to grow. Vitamin B7 (also called biotin) is a water-soluble vitamin that promotes hair growth.
  • Incidentally, it is a myth that regular shaving can speed up beard growth.

    Beard growth products: a sensible investment?

    Beard growth products can alter the genetic factors, but they are designed to help the skin get more blood and promote beard growth so that the facial skin can grow faster.

    Minoxidil for more beard growth

    Minoxidil is a drug that was used in the United States to treat high blood pressure in the 1970s. As a side effect, increased hair growth was found. Today, hereditary hair loss is treated with Minoxidil. The baldness caused by the plant is supposed to be slowed down by the drug.

    Effectiveness of Minoxidil:

    Minoxidil is freely available in Germany and is also used to promote beard growth. However, this has not been scientifically proven.

    Use of Minoxidil:

    Minoxidil is expected to show initial success after twelve weeks of continuous use.

    Minoxidil is included in Regaine that you can find on Amazon can buy as foam:


    The BeardActive Beard Growth Capsules are a dietary supplement that strengthens the hair roots and accelerates beard growth when taken regularly. The active ingredient here is biotin, which we have already mentioned above as a vitamin for increased hair growth.

    Beard growth products from the medicine chest / household

    In addition to medication, there are also natural home remedies that are supposed to promote beard growth.

    • Silica: Silica mainly consists of silicon, which is responsible for beautiful nails, skin and hair. It is supposed to stimulate beard growth and ensure that the beard grows denser. An effect of these preparations has not been scientifically proven.
    • Oils for beard growth: Herbal oils are said to promote blood circulation to the skin during regular massage and thus strengthen the beard roots. Coconut oil, argan oil and castor oil are recommended.
    • Garlic and mustard: So-called garlic or mustard therapy is said to help with gaps in the beard. The regions concerned are rubbed in. Apparently the skin should react as a defense reaction with beard growth. Again, there is no confirmation of any results.

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