Almost seven years in prison for espionage in the Bundeswehr

Almost seven years in prison for espionage in the Bundeswehr

© dpa / Fredrik von Erichsen
Higher Regional Court Koblenz Source: dpa / Fredrik von Erichsen

In a trial for espionage at the Bundeswehr for an Iranian intelligence service, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Koblenz sentenced the main defendant to six years and ten months’ imprisonment. His wife was given a ten-month suspended sentence on Monday, the court said.

The verdict is not yet legally binding. In the process, the public was repeatedly excluded “because of the threat to state security”.

The former translator and cultural advisor to the Bundeswehr in Daun in the Eifel was convicted of treason in a particularly serious case. The OLG also believed that the OLG had violated official secrets. The former civilian employee, according to the court, misused his responsible position for an overall fee of more than 34,000 euros and passed on military secrets to an Iranian intelligence service. He was in custody in Koblenz.

His wife was also accused of subsidies. The German-Afghan woman was at large. Like her husband, she lives in Bonn. Both were born in the Afghan capital Kabul and, according to the defendant’s defense lawyer, Ulrich Sommer, had initially not commented on the allegations. The trial started on January 20. Numerous witnesses were invited.

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