Amancio Ortega will donate 300,000 masks a week to fight the coronavirus

Amancio Ortega will donate 300,000 masks a week to fight the coronavirus


Applauded gesture of Amancio Ortega in the face of the health crisis that Spain and 150 other countries are suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 continues its advance among citizens and in our country it is causing medical centers to be overwhelmed and almost without health resources. In this alarm situation, Inditex has taken its own measures to help combat the coronavirus. Among them, the one that they are emphasizing the most on social networks, is their intention to make a donation of 300,000 protective surgical masks per week, as well as their commitment to send more essential material for the protection of medical and nursing personnel who battle on the front line against the advance of the pandemic.

The company led by Amancio Ortega has also ensured that all its workers will have their positions insured during the crisis situation to which the coronavirus has led us. Thus, it places the entire logistics and supplier network at the service of Pedro Sanchez’s Executive to incorporate medical and basic necessity material to hospitals throughout Spain. A logistics and supplier network that points directly to China, where Inditex has established solid business contacts and whose transportation resources will now be at the service of the Government for its best use.

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With all this, Amancio Ortega will not only provide the Government with large quantities of sanitary masks and other protective textile elements for the medical professional. Too will act as an intermediary to streamline the purchase and transportation of other basic items in hospitals Right now, such as masks to protect the eyes, gloves, goggles, surgical caps, leggings and face shields.

Amancio Ortega, in his most solidary line

Few have been surprised by Amancio Ortegas decision to put his company and contacts at the service of the Pedro Sanchez government now that Spain needs him most. Has already given example of your solidarity and commitment to the most disadvantaged on countless occasions, although many of them have come to the public’s attention due to the indiscretion of those who have benefited. The millionaire businessman usually reserves part of his fortune to help and commit himself to solidarity initiatives in a disinterested way, asking for discretion at all times so that his action is not in the public domain.

There will be to whom this seems a strange movement, but Amancio Ortega has already suffered the consequences of being the protagonist of the news and the target of all criticism. Even when the news itself is as positive and worthy of applause as giving up part of his fortune to donating necessary cancer screening and treatment supplies. The foundation of Amancio Ortega donated 320 million euros so that public hospitals throughout Spain could buy more than 290 state-of-the-art equipment for cancer diagnosis and treatment. An initiative that was not the first in the same line, given that it joins many others started by its support program for Spanish oncology, which began in 2015 in Galicia. He spent 17 million euros on his land, to later focus his support on Andalusia, disbursing another 40 million euros. And with all that they criticized him.

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An action that was taken advantage of by many users of social networks to criticize him, considering that with his gesture he was only looking for a “washing of public image” and that he was only donating “his crumbs”. Incomprehensible comments if you consider a donation to counterattack against one of the diseases that has touched everyone most closely, such as cancer, until the arrival of the coronavirus. Criticism, by the way, to which he himself added Pablo Iglesias, who now accepts a new donation as part of the government in coalition: “Mr. Amancio Ortega is right @isaserras, a decent democracy does not accept alms from billionaires to endow its health system, makes them pay the taxes that correspond to them and respect the rights of the workers ”, wrote the leader of Podemos in his day. Perhaps now, after a new donation to fight the coronavirus, his words are more than gratitude than reproach.


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