Amazon employees go on strike for lack of corona protection

Amazon employees go on strike for lack of corona protection

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Amazon employees go on strike for lack of corona protection

Various strikes have occurred in Amazon logistics centers in the past few days. The employees are exposed to unreasonable infection risks and refuse to work.

What does e-commerce giant Amazon do for the health of its employees in delivery centers and warehouses? A series of strikes indicate employee dissatisfaction. Again and again Amazon employees turn against the working conditions under the effects of the corona crisis. An overview of the specific cases.

The situation in the United States

In New York City, a shift refused on Thursday evening to start work at the Queens delivery center. To you was apparently promised that the entire work area, including all packages, was disinfected once after an employee had tested positive for the new Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The fact that this process should only have taken four hours in total left the employees in doubt as to whether the promised measure had been carried out correctly. The delivery center was then struck and could no longer be operated. Amazon presents the situation differently, claiming the shift is anyway exempt been and shouldn’t have shown up for work.

For the American Amazon employees, the lack of continued payment of wages in the event of illness is a particular problem. After all, Amazon had offered all employees who could not or do not want to work due to the corona situation to stay away from work unpaid. However, many cannot afford to accept this offer because they rely on the income.

Amazon’s promise to guarantee Covid-19 sufferers two weeks’ continued wages also met with criticism from the workforce. Since it is hardly possible to test in the USA, not every sick person is recorded correctly, which makes it difficult to prove. Amazon should therefore guarantee continued payment of wages to all sick people, demand the Amazonians United NYC along with some other support measures.

In Troutdale, Oregon, Amazon employees also complain about increasing work pressure due to the shifting of shopping behavior online to large parts of the population. The company is said to be the workload of 40 to 50 hours a week have raised. In addition, many additional temporary workers are to further burden the hygiene conditions in the logistics center.

The situation in Europe

Are in Spain at least three cases of Covid 19 occurred in the logistics centers near Madrid and Barcelona. Nevertheless, Amazon wants to keep the centers open and even strengthen them with additional temporary workers. The San Fernando logistics center near Madrid already has over 3,000 employees. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the region is considered a high-risk area. Instead of a strike, the Spanish trade union CCOO initially wants to try to have the logistics centers shut down.

Last Tuesday, Amazon employees at the French sites in Montelimar, Chalon sur Saône and Douai went on strike. They complained about the non-compliance with the distance rules, the lack of disinfectants and the lack of cleaning of the work areas.

In Milan, Italy, warehouse workers went on strike last Wednesday to continue operations despite the fact that two employees had Covid-19.

Also placed on Wednesday up to 300 warehouse workers in Saran, France the work down. They considered the hygiene measures to be inadequate and saw themselves poorly protected against Sars-CoV-2. Amazon is said to have threatened employees with loss of earnings if they did not show up for work. France’s economics minister Bruno Le Maire called the exertion of such pressure unacceptable and promised France Inter to “let this be known” to Amazon.

Amazon rejects allegations

Amazon wrongly sees itself under fire. According to the dpa, the company has strictly followed the recommendations and guidelines of the respective governments and placed top priority on the health and safety of its employees.

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