Amazon is looking for 100,000 new employees

Amazon is looking for 100,000 new employees

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To deal with the coronavirus crisis, Amazon will hire an additional 100,000 employees.

Including these new recruits, the online retail giant can boast of employing 900,000 people around the world. “We know that a lot of people in the travel and hospitality industries are economically impacted by this crisis,” said Dave Clark, Amazon’s global chief operating officer for the British newspaper Financial Time. ‘We want to welcome these people to our team until things get back to normal and their previous employer can re-hire them.’

In addition, the company plans to set aside $ 350 million for the crisis. The money will increase the hourly wages of its employees in warehouses and transportation services. European employees will receive an increase of 2 euros per hour, British employees 2 pounds and Americans 2 dollars, normally until the end of April.

Spread of virus in warehouses

Amazon has sent all of its office staff home to telework. But in warehouses, employees must remain operational in the workplace. At the same time, cases of coronavirus have become known in Spanish and Italian establishments. ‘We regularly consult medical experts and are careful to respect all precautions on our premises in order to keep people healthy,’ said the CEO.

In response to the announcement, Amazon shares fell 2% after the market closed. Since mid-February, the Amazon company has already seen its market value fall by a quarter.


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