An open mic misses Lara Alvarez on an Instagram live: “People are late”

An open mic misses Lara Álvarez on an Instagram live:


Staying at the expense of an open mic is one of the great terrors of any television communicator, even the most painted and correct. This is the case of Lara Alvarez: the presenter of Survivors, always characterized by its sympathy and professionalism, was exposed to one of these dreaded situations after conducting a live in the reality account on Instagram.

After just over half an hour from Honduras Commenting on the news of the space, the Asturian ended the broadcast. Giving up the broadcast, Alvarez began to mutter to herself the steps to follow: “Finish the live video, share …”. And then he scored: “People are delayed …”.

The detail did not go unnoticed by the followers, surprised by this apostille of the driver. Something that, although he has won criticism for the language, has also been seen as a sign of the professional’s tiredness at certain dismissive comments received in the live chat.

The co-presenter is in charge of conducting these complementary contents to the program and aimed at social networks. Sometimes, it is accompanied by teammates from the Bulldog TV team that makes the format possible.


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