Android 10 arrives globally to the ROG Phone 2

Android 10 arrives globally to the ROG Phone 2

Something as important as power, even more, is software. Gone are the times when you had to comply with the approvals of telecommunication companies to upgrade to the latest version of the system, and it is already something that depends on the manufacturer. Now, Asus gives a joy to the users of the ROG Phone II, which receives Android 10.

A few months ago we published our analysis of the Asus ROG Phone II. It is, as the name suggests, the second version of one of the most powerful phones on the market and, in addition, one of the best to play. Its screen, its dissipation system and the digital triggers offer an optimal experience.

Further, It has a huge 6,000 mAh battery which allows us to use the mobile for two days without restrictions. However, it had a negative point. Released months after the arrival of Android 10, did not have the latest version of the Google operating system.

Video games are not exclusive to consoles, proof of this are some of the best games you can play on Android devices.

Nevertheless, Asus has remedied that with the update of the ROG Phone 2 to Android 10. And, the global ROM has just been released so that terminal users can install the latest version of Android. This means that the dark mode of the system reaches the ROG Phone 2, but also other improvements.

For example, privacy has improved by giving the user more control over the sections that applications can access, gesture navigation and artificial intelligence enhancements are also added to make the system more efficient.

In addition to the arrival of Android 10 at ROG Phone IIAsus announces that more than 200 games are compatible, now, with the special capabilities of the device’s software and hardware.

This will allow us to take much better advantage of both the digital triggers to customize controls in games such as take advantage of the Snapdragon 855+ with the “game mode” activated.

This low cost Amazon mechanical keyboard is perfect for gaming. It has integrated wrist rest and RGB LED light, in addition to programmable keyboards.

Of course, as always, we remind you that, sI have not yet received the update of the system, do not worry. These types of updates are released by batches and will reach you over the next few hours.


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