Anne Hidalgo wants Ladj Ly and JR for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

Anne Hidalgo wants Ladj Ly and JR for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games

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The coronavirus will ultimately not right of municipal. Hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance to polling stations, additional agents, cleaning of schools used for elections … the battle of Paris will take place on Sunday, March 15.

Hidalgo, Buzyn, Dati: the war of three for ParisIn the capital, the election promises to be more uncertain than ever. Anne Hidalgo (PS), Agnes Buzyn (LREM) and Rachida Dati (LR) are neck and neck. “L’Obs” offered them a questionnaire that outlines their vision for Paris.

Discover the video meeting with Anne Hidalgo here:

Municipal in Paris: Agnes Buzyn wants to leave the ring road to cars Which street do you rename in Paris and how do you rename it?

In recent years, the names of people who have had to do with slavery or inglorious acts have generally been renamed. For the rest, I do not wish to rename. On the other hand, all the new streets which we inaugurate, we try to give them also names of women since we still lack, even if we try to catch up, names of famous women on our streets.

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Paris will host the Olympic Games in 2024. Which artist do you suggest for the opening ceremony?

I really like JR, I really like Ladj Ly. These are artists who carry an open, positive vision of French society, which gives hope to young people. The Olympic Games, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, are an event that must unite us and train a whole youth.

Ladj Ly, director of “Les Miserables”: “We have been” yellow vests “for twenty years”

There are a lot of artists who will have to intervene. There will be painters, theater people. Ruth Mackenzie, director of the Chatelet theater, was also in charge of the Cultural Olympiads for the London 2012 Olympic Games. I think she will be very useful to us in building these Games.

Which historic event marks Paris most?

The Liberation of Paris. Really. I think that this event is the one that causes, after the night, after the deprivations, after the roundups, after the resistance, there is really a people who are rising up. I find that this story is the one that brings us together and that really is for me the one that marks most Paris.

What would be a “reasonable” price per square meter in Paris?

Today, you know that when buying, it is 10,000 euros per square meter but that we will offer housing at half price, therefore at 5,000 euros per square meter, with an intervention from the city which will owner of the land.

In 2020, will real estate go up even higher?

What will be sold are the walls of the apartments, so 5,000 euros per square meter would be perfectly legitimate.

A word to describe scooters?

It just has to be regulated anyway, huh! Because it has to be practical, since it is incredibly successful.

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It is not something from the past, nor even from the future, it is really the present, but it must be regulated.

You have the option to remove the device in the short term. What does it become?

In fact, the device is a very beautiful work of art, I will not demolish it. I assure you that the view from this balcony is absolutely incredible. So I will turn it into a big green balcony.


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