ANSWER to your questions: is having packages delivered to your home risky?

ANSWER to your questions: is having packages delivered to your home risky?

Poland to build 6 nuclear power plants by 2043

If most Poles know about power plants by what they see in films, the Chernobyl disaster remains in our memories and the country is one of the few in Europe not to have a nuclear reactor. But, while some European countries have committed to go out of nuclear power, Poland wants to do the opposite. Supporting economic development “We constantly need new sources of energy,” said Zbigniew Gryglas, Polish Minister for Public Assets, before adding: “We need new power stations to supply electricity to the dynamic Polish economy. ” The Polish government does not intend to give up on coal plants entirely. And considering renewable energies insufficient to cover the needs of its economy, he plans to build a civilian nuclear energy sector. “We are doing something very important for Europe: we take care of the environment and we maintain the security of energy supply,” said Grzegorz Tobiszowski, Polish MEP and energy specialist. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda, for his part, launched at a rally: “It is a fight for the climate and clean air. We must make changes in our energy sector: we must have energy that s “put more pressure on gas and it is likely that we will also build nuclear power plants,” he said. International partnerships Poland will not do it alone. The French or the Americans will bring them their skills in this area. “I think we can expect decisions as early as this year,” government spokesperson Piotr Muller said in an interview on Polish radio Program 1. “Negotiations are underway; I will not show of responsibility if I chose the partner we prefer because the discussions involve very large sums, “he said. According to the government, nuclear power will ultimately represent 20% of the Polish energy mix. “In twenty years,” assured Piotr Naimski, government plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure, “we want to have 6 to 9 gigawatts from nuclear power: which means that we will build six reactors in different regions of Poland.” 25 to 30 billion euros at first We do not yet know the place of construction of the first Polish reactor. “Currently, there are discussions under way to determine the place of construction of the first nuclear power plant and it will be on the Baltic Sea coast: two sites west of Gdansk are envisaged,” said Paweł Gajda , from the nuclear energy department at AGH University. It is difficult to assess the cost of building these infrastructures because many questions remain unanswered. The government suggests as a first step, to devote 25 to 30 billion euros. “Our finances allow us to build nuclear power plants in Poland,” said Piotr Naimskilors of a public intervention. We have been talking about building nuclear power plants in Poland for over thirty years. Faced with climate challenges and external political pressure, it seems that his current government wants to take words into action.



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