Apple confirms that you can clean your iPhone with disinfectant

Apple confirms that you can clean your iPhone with disinfectant

Apple goes against its usual recommendations and recommends the disinfectant and alcohol wipes to prevent the iPhone from becoming a vector for the spread of Covid-19.

Apple recommends a few precautions to best clean your iPhone.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow, use single-use tissues, wash your hands very regularly … authorities recommendations to counter the spread coronavirus have now entered people’s minds. They deserve to be supplemented by yet another precaution: regularly disinfect your smartphone.

Apple made their own recommendations in the matter. And do not hesitate to deviate from his usual principles. The company swaps soft, slightly damp cloths devoid of any chemical product previously recommended for cleaning an iPhone or iPad against advice: use a disinfectant or even wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol. The group applies this policy to its Macs, screens or peripherals.

Apple had so far taken the habit of prohibiting the use of any chemical to avoid damaging the coating of the screen of these devices. The coronavirus nevertheless proves to be tenacious and would be able to survive between two hours and nine days on a flat surface. The group thus complies with the recommendations of health professionals and infectious diseases to contain the spread of Covid-19.

These recommendations apply to smartphones from competing brands. Certain products specially designed for electronic devices are also available. The most abrasive liquids, including bleach, obviously remain to be avoided, as Apple reminds us.

In this case, the antiseptic liquids should be applied to the entire phone, taking care to clean not only the touch screen but also the buttons placed on the edges as well as the borders and its back cover. So many areas of the device in regular contact with the fingers.


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