Are Wincent Weiss and Mike Singer candidates?

Are Wincent Weiss and Mike Singer candidates?

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Everyone wants to know who is hiding under the costumes at “The Masked Singer”. Wincent Weiss and Mike Singer have long been speculated as candidates. However, new evidence shows that probably only one of the two is in the race!

Wincent Weiss comments on participation in “The Masked Singer”

An insider allegedly told the Bildzeitung that Wincent Weiss is hiding under a character in “The Masked Singer”. More specifically, it should be “The Wuschel”. The “Hardly Awaiting” singer would certainly fit the show pretty well, but he himself has given the last indication that he is not there. This morning the singer uploaded an Instagram story saying “Good morning, oh it was exhausting yesterday. A long evening at ‘The Masked Singer ‘. Pretty tight in the costume, ey! “With this statement it is clear that Wincent Weiss Is NOT there. After all, all candidates make every effort to keep their participation secret. We are not surprised because there is a more credible theory about who “The Wuschel” could be …

Mike Singer announces “The Masked Singer” participation!

There is new evidence that Mike Singer participates in “The Masked Singer”. Fans have long agreed that the “Trip” singer is hiding under the “Wuschel” costume. The new, crucial hint came from Mike himself! In his Instagram story, he posted a fan video that shows excerpts from his speech at the “MTV EMAs 2018” and other impressions from his life. Doesn’t sound convincing? Well, the still image of the video and Mike’s comment is much more exciting. On the video picture you can see Mike Singer on the EMA stage with Hailey Steinfeld. The names of the remaining winners are shown in a lower third band, the still image shows Japan’s winner “Little Glee Monster” – a coincidence? Hardly, after all, “Der Wuschel” is also a little monster! Mike only commented on this video with this smiley “🤫”. Looks like there is something to keep secret in this post. A new episode “The Masked Singer” will be available on ProSieben next Tuesday at 8:15 p.m.


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