Are your wages paid each week?

Are your wages paid each week?

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According to the results of an iVOX study carried out on behalf of Prato, a company which manages around two million salary slips per year, a trend in terms of wages is emerging: employees are increasingly demanding paid wages every week, can we read in The Last Hour.

This weekly demand for wages would be a consequence of the evolution of technologies on mentalities. “The here and now: this is a new social phenomenon. Due to the spread of electronic applications and the mobile Internet, people expect to get what they want, directly and everywhere”, explains Joris Peumans, CEO of Prato, in the daily columns.

Faced with this development, a new generation and a new type of worker appears. If they are seduced by a product and they do not have enough cash, they are ready to work a few more days to save the necessary amount. At the same time, they no longer want to wait until the end of the month to receive their salaries. “Some sort of real-time, or at least daily, compensation can provide a solution”, concludes Joris Peumans.

(FvE – Source: The Last Hour – Photo: Pixabay)

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