assaults on supermarkets, violence and vandalism

assaults on supermarkets, violence and vandalism

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Grande-Marlaska this Monday with the deputy operational directors of the Police and the Civil Guard.

Those responsible for the Ministry of the Interior fear that the house arrest of millions of Spaniards for at least two weeks -and probably will be more- could lead to problems of public order and / or citizen security. Especially as the days go by.

This is stated by the deputy operational director of the National Police (the DAO) in an internal circular sent on Sunday to the general police stations of the Corps and to the superior headquarters of all the autonomous communities, to which he has had access ESdiario.

In it, the commissioner Jose Angel Gonzalez Jimenez warns police officers throughout Spain of the risk that the state of alarm decreed on Saturday could lead to “hostile actions, vandalism or looting” and calls for “maintaining citizen security and the restoration of public order, should it be necessary”.

Asked about it Fernando Grande-Marlaska During his appearance this Monday in La Moncloa, the Interior Minister said he was “convinced of the” solidarity, kindness and values ​​”of the Spanish.” I want to think that it will not happen, but just in case we adopt measures ” In that appearance he was accompanied by the DAO of the National Police, as well as the Civil Guard.

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In the internal document, number two of the Police addresses those responsible for the General Police Station for Information to ask them to intensify the control of social networks “in order to detect groups or elements that could pretend to disturb public order or the assault on supply centers of basic necessities”.

Throughout the last few days, scenes of tension and nerves have been registered in some supermarkets, since the correct supply is one of the things that most concern the Spanish during their confinement.

Likewise, the police command asks the police officers information that they do not lose sight of possible “violent groups or terrorist elements that, taking advantage of the current circumstances, could try to subvert social peace”. As well as hackers that “who could try to destabilize the country through the development of campaigns.”

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For its part, at the controls of the General Police Station for Immigration and Borders It exhorts them to make an extreme vigilance of the Foreigner Internment Centers (the CIEs) “in the face of possible problems of public order that occur within them”.

Also to develop control of land borders (closed since midnight on Monday), air and sea.

For the General Police Station for Citizen Security the instructions are based on controlling the food production and distribution centers and toilets “in order to ensure the adequate supply of the markets”. Also from the logistics centers for the distribution of goods.

The commissioner Gonzalez Jimenez calls on its troops to also be concerned and concerned with ensuring that people comply with confinement, as well as with the “surveillance and protection of strategic infrastructures”.

The DAO is addressed to the superior police headquarters so that, in addition to designing the security devices on the ground, they are especially diligent in coordinating with the regional and local police, which are now under the sole command of the Ministry of the Interior .


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