Attention, this article is to be read while pinching the nose. It stinks

Attention, this article is to be read while pinching the nose. It stinks

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Attention, this article is to be read while pinching the nose. It stinks. Or, as Donald Trump said the other day with obscene candor: “It may be the story of life”. The rich win, the poor lose. The rich protect themselves against the virus, the poor take it in the face, without economic mask to protect themselves. Move on.

Except that it does not pass. Even on Fox News, host Tucker Carlson, so close to Trump that he whispers in his ear, stung on Thursday, March 19 a big anger. His target? The senator republican and Trump’s ally Richard Burr, accused by Carlson of having “Betrayed his country in times of crisis”. Not less. It must be said that the millionaire senator from North Carolina, patron of the all-powerful Intelligence Commission, went there strongly. In public, on “Fox News” precisely, he praised a supposed administration “Help protect the Americans” ; privately, he sold his shares in hotel companies at full speed for between $ 600,000 and $ 1.7 million. Other senators have done the same.

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Tests for basketball players

Welcome to the America of rich and famous ! Wherever you look, they take out their queue-jumpers and grill the whole tail. Screening tests, still insufficient in number? Hollywood celebrities don’t have much trouble getting them. Many on the West Coast attend four-star hospitals and are clients of the private medical practice LifeSpan, the kind of company that offers a concierge service.

Sportsmen ? When the entire Brooklyn Nets basketball team got tested, and no player had the symptoms to justify testing for the common man, Mayor Bill de Blasio got a little upset, on Twitter:

“We wish them a speedy recovery. But with all due respect, an entire NBA team should NOT be tested for the Covid-19, while critically ill patients are waiting to be tested. “Some display more civic behavior than others. A manager of the “Golden Warriors” in San Francisco, thus indicated that no player would be tested for symptoms and that the team would follow government guidelines.

Policies ? They don’t just sell stocks. As the New York Times reports, congressmen having consulted their physician or the physician of Congress were advised to avoid the test if they were asymptomatic. Most followed this advice. But some close allies of the president, like Senator Lindsay Graham or the concretely from Florida Matt Gaetz – who a few days earlier made fun of the virus by wearing a gas mask – easily found a test.

The billionaires? Even before the virus arrived, they had already planned fallback bases. We were telling, last December, how some people built bunkers in New Zealand on the assumption of an apocalypse. But with the coronavirus, you don’t have to go that far or hide three meters underground. There is much better … the Hamptons, in a helicopter flight from New York! And to the west, the golden villas of Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Hawaii.

Protective clothing

These ideal retreats lacked only a few adjustments for these croissants. The well-informed “Business Insider” site tell so how an entrepreneur from the Upper East Side brought a variety of protective gear (“hazmat”) and 15 air purifiers to her retirement from the Hamptons, while a California family ordered oxygen concentrators and a half -million calories from dehydrated food. Luxury New York butchers are a hit, as are wine merchants. The site gives the example of a certain “Julie”, who left for the Hamptons with a stock of … 200 bottles of whiskey. And for toddlers at risk of being bored, nothing is too good. A family would have slammed $ 16,000 on a set of garden games (swings, etc.). For the elderly, the private tutor – guaranteed confined – is a sought-after option to have the kids.

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Not everyone has been as forward-looking. But do not worry: the latecomers, who joined their Hamptons residence late by helicopter (600 to 800 dollars a 40-minute flight) can rely on the services of Blade, a sort of“Ubercopter”who offers to route by helicopter, from Manhattan, luxury food and other foodstuffs without which Gatsby’s life is not worth living …

Are you shouting thanks? You are not alone. For super-rich America, there will certainly be a before and an after-coronavirus, and the next world will certainly be less gilded than before. You can also rejoice that the 10% of Americans the wealthiest hold 84% of Wall Street stocks, and they currently have beautiful heartburn. Be careful, all the same: if the financial system crashes for good, we already know the main victims: the poor. “The story of life”, as Trump would say …


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