Bachelor couple Angelina Heger and Sebastian Pannek announce engagement and proudly show the engagement ring

Bachelor couple Angelina Heger and Sebastian Pannek announce engagement and proudly show the engagement ring

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Angelina Heger and Sebastian Pannek are expecting a baby and have decided to get married. Now they make their engagement public and present their engagement ring on all sides on Instagram

Angelina Heger’s delicate fingers with a filigree gold ring and Sebastian Pannek’s hand that surrounds her. With this picture, the dream bachelor couple now announced their engagement on Instagram. “Yes, yes, yes, forever yes,” Angelina writes. Her sweetheart also published a picture of his future bride in a white lace dress. The classically beautiful ring is also in focus on this motif. He writes: “This girl is mine forever.”

For the first time, the ex-bachelor stars appear publicly as a couple

Angelina Heger & Sebastian Pannek: That was the engagement

There is more information in the Instagram story. The two reveal that the application took place during a mutual love vacation in Lanzarote. “As many of you suspected, it happened on Lanzarote, but we wanted to keep it a bit private,” says Sebastian. The couple in love took a few days to go public with the beautiful news. Angelina explains that they like to keep private things to themselves for a while, then tell the family and only then share with their community. “We are not the kind of people who want to shout everything out immediately,” explains the 28-year-old.

The two also announced a YouTube video on their shared channel, which will provide even more insight into the application. So the community can be excited. Angelina seems unable to get enough of the sight of her new piece of jewelry, a gold ring with diamonds, and the memory that comes with it. She also shares another picture of it in the story and writes: “Unforgettable moment. Always by your side.”

The bachelor couple’s love story

Sebastian Pannek and Angelina Heger have not been a couple for long. They have only appeared in public as lovers for a few months. They had their first outing together in July 2019. In December Angelina Heger announced that she was pregnant. In February the parents revealed that their child was going to be a boy.

Sebastian Pannek and Angelina Heger: Will it be a boy or a girl?

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