Bavaria bans schools and daycare for holidaymakers in South Tyrol

Bavaria bans schools and daycare for holidaymakers in South Tyrol

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In the district of Freising, more and more people are being tested positive for the new type of corona virus. As a precaution, a nursery school in the community of Zolling was closed this week.

Children who were in a coronavirus risk area are then no longer allowed to go to school or kindergarten for 14 days. Parents who do not adhere to them face severe penalties.

Bavaria bans schools and daycare for holidaymakers in South Tyrol

So far it was only a recommendation to stay at home, now it is a ban on entry: In Bavaria, parents are no longer allowed to send their children to school or kindergarten if they were previously in a coronavirus risk area. For a period of 14 days after the return. In order to curb the spread of the novel pathogen, the state government tightened the regulations significantly and issued a so-called general decree – the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday morning.

It mainly affects the many Bavarian holidaymakers in South Tyrol: in the meantime this Italian province has also become a risk area for coronavirus. Children who were skiing there during the Mardi Gras holidays now have to stay at home – if they only went home at the end of the Mardi Gras holidays, the whole next week. The entry ban applies to all schools, day-care centers, special needs schools and day-care centers – including child-minders, even if they only look after one child, as the ministry lets out. The ban on entry does not apply to teachers at state schools. As before, they should only stay at home if they were in a risk area and at the same time show symptoms of illness such as fever, cough or runny nose.

The health ministry justifies its general decision to have to limit the transmission pathways of the pathogen Sars-CoV-2. Children and adolescents are “particularly vulnerable”. At the same time, they easily infected each other because they play with each other, have close contact and because they are still too young to “keep disciplined hygiene labels”. In schools and daycare centers, there is therefore a great risk that “infections will spread within the facility and that these will be carried home to the families”.

The ruling affects all returnees from areas that the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) officially classifies as a risk area. These are currently parts of Iran, South Korea and China, but also the Italian regions of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna as well as South Tyrol. If the RKI included other regions, such as South Tyrol recently, the ban on schools and daycare would also apply to those returning from there. Parents who do not comply with this can face a fine of up to 25,000 euros under the Infection Protection Act.

The state government’s crisis team had already set a uniform line for school closings on Friday. If a confirmed coronavirus case occurs in a school, it should be closed completely. If there is a justified suspicion – i.e. a person with a fever who was in a risk area but has not yet tested positive for the pathogen – the respective class should remain at home. How long, that depends “on the specific individual case”. The Ministry of Culture registered about a dozen partial and complete closures on Friday, out of 6,000 schools in Bavaria

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