Biden promises ‘to elect woman as vice president’

Biden promises ‘to elect woman as vice president’

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The former vice president made the statement during a debate between the two candidates for the Democratic primaries.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders debated Sunday in front of an empty room because of the coronavirus. ‘I promise to elect a woman as vice president,’ said Biden frankly.

‘In all likelihood’

The senator Bernie Sanders was less direct. When the moderators of the debate asked him if he would agree to choose a woman as vice-president, he did not get too wet: “in all likelihood, yes”.

Although the race for a ‘vice-presidential candidate’ has already started, it does not yet seem to have reached its full potential. In the case of Biden, several competitors are in the race. We can cite Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar or Elizabeth Warren.

Kamala Harris has been publicly supporting Biden for a short time. As Klobuchar who did so following his withdrawal from the Democratic primary. Elizabeth Warren withdrew much later and has yet to announce which candidate she would support.

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