Bodo Ramelow kisses AfD and FDP

Bodo Ramelow kisses AfD and FDP

Actually, the parties in Thuringia would have to fill their electoral lists for the next state election equally. Prime Minister Ramelow initially wants to override the law.

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Since January 2020, some parties in the Thuringian state parliament have had a major problem: Thuringia the parity law. Accordingly, the parties must have 50 percent of their election lists Women occupy – otherwise in extreme cases they will not be admitted to the next election or the list will be cut off where the parity ends.

The problem is particularly great for the parties, which anyway have only a few female members: CDU, FDP and AfD. Of the 35 AfD list candidates who ran in the state election last year, around five were women. Even with the FDP made up less than a third of the candidates. And so the proportion of female parliamentarians in the Thuringian state parliament after the Choice from 42 to 31 percent.

The CDU does not generally have a lot of women in the party, but with the Election in Thuringia at least half of the top positions on their electoral list for the first time this year divided between men and women. It won its mandates exclusively through direct candidates – however, the direct mandates are not affected by the new law.

“The AfD’s sexism is supported by the FDP”

For the next state election in 2021, the AfD and FDP in particular would first have to find new candidates. Because this is likely to be difficult, the FDP applied for a change in law earlier this year. On January 22, 2020, the Thuringian parliamentary group submitted a bill to amend the Thuringian Electoral Law. Accordingly, the parity law should be reversed.

On January 24, 2020, the AfD filed a lawsuit against the parity law with the state constitutional court in Weimar. Legal scientist Silke Laskowski doesn’t believe in coincidence. She helped shape the Brandenburg Parity Act and insists that Parity laws are not unconstitutional, but are constitutionally required.

SPIEGEL told SPIEGEL: “If you look at the dates on which the AfD filed a lawsuit and the FDP applied for a change in the law, it looks like there is consensus to attack the parity law in two different ways.” For Laskowski it is clear: “The sexism of the AfD is supported by the FDP”.

At the Parity Act in Thuringia, the questions that have been raised by all parties since Election debacle in Thuringia in relation to the AfD, again specifically: A legislative change would only have a chance in Parliament if the CDU, FDP and AfD voted in favor of it.

The problem of the FDP and AfD is apparently also one for the newly elected prime minister Bodo Ramelow. Because he fears that the planned state elections in April 2021 will be blocked. He therefore apparently wants to make it easier for the parties by temporarily overriding the state’s parity law. “With the law, Red-Red-Green has enforced that in the future half of the electoral lists will have to be filled with men and women each. But due to the expected lawsuits and the FDP application, any state election would be blocked. That is why we want the enactment to take effect set, “said Ramelow of the” Thuringian General “. The law would therefore only apply to the state parliament election after next.

The success of Ramelow’s government on this important gender equality issue would initially be nullified in this case – the FDP and AfD should still be able to resist the law at a later date.


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