“Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen: “cry for attention”


© Matthias Nareyek / Getty Images for Sportalm; Instagram / vanessa_blumhagen
Vanessa Blumhagen

Vanessa Blumhagen (42) reports as a society expert for the “Sat.1 breakfast television” twice a week in the section “V.I.P. – Vanessas Important People” from the world of the rich and beautiful. And here she caused a sensation now. After the showdown between comedians Oliver Pocher (42) and pop singer Michael Wendler (47) last Sunday (March 1st), she commented on the RTL live show, or much more on the Wendler. she didn’t leave good hair on the pop singer. He struck back. After the funny little exchange of blows, it’s all about Vanessa – and her outfit, which also requires attention.

You want to see the highlights of the Zoff between Michael Wendler and Oliver Pocher again? Just click into the video below.

“Breakfast TV” star Blumhagen wants attention

“Leo. Red. And tight. My cry for attention!” Blumhagen writes humorously about her new picture. The figure-hugging dress with stand-up collar brings out the great figure of the moderator. With this exciting outfit you are sure to get attention!

With this dress, the Sat.1 Society expert draws everyone’s attention

You can’t be overlooked with an outfit like this. No wonder that Blumhagen had this eye-catcher before. The fans are happy! This textile “cry for attention” has really succeeded.

Before Vanessa Blumhagen joked about Wendler, he messed with Oliver Pocher. Michael Wendler does not believe in subtle war announcements and openly challenges the comedian to settle their dispute like real men! You can see his declaration of war in the video.