Bundesliga needs emergency plan – Hoeneb: “Everything at zero”

Bundesliga needs emergency plan - Hoeneß:

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Asks for a long break due to the Corona crisis: ex-Bayern boss Uli Hoeneb.

The fear of collapse is growing. Uli Hoeneb paints a really threatening scenario for German football.

The nervousness is practically palpable before the crisis meeting at Frankfurt Airport among the club bosses in the midst of the corona pandemic and an impending failure of around 750 million euros. «We finally have to face reality. We have to wait four weeks, drive everything to zero. Maybe we’ll have to stop playing football in October. Nobody knows that, »said the honorary president of FC Bayern Munich on Sunday in the Sport1 program« Doppelpass ».

Bundesliga boss Christian Seifert is facing his biggest test to date at the special meeting on Monday, the general meeting of all 36 professional clubs. After the massive criticism of the German Football League for its hesitant crisis management before the first match day cancellation, industry leaders Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Hans-Joachim Watzke become his most important adjutants.

The extraordinary sum of around three-quarters of a billion euros in lost income in the event of a total loss of the remaining season, which was still imminent, also shocked the management of the top clubs Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Because German football does not have insurance for the immense material damage, as the German press agency from league circles has confirmed.

Finding an emergency plan to save game operations is therefore a top priority. Bayern’s chief executive Rummenigge, in BVB boss Watzke’s “biggest crisis in German professional football”, is bringing up unpleasant truths that DFL managing director Seifert has not yet spoken of.

So far, solidarity solutions have always been found in marketing questions, “but it is important that everyone first realizes what a suspension, an interruption or even an end to the 2020 Bundesliga season would mean,” the 64-year-old warned before the cancellation of the 26th matchday. The bankruptcy of several medium-sized and smaller clubs could even endanger the orderly continuation of the Bundesliga in the next season, and the whole of football could end up in an imbalance, according to the threatening backdrop.

Formally, the 36 professional clubs on Monday will probably only cancel the next game day next weekend. It is questionable whether this tight time game is sufficient and after the international break at the beginning of April football is at least possible in the ghost game variant, which is unloved by fans and players alike. The forecasts of the leading scientists do not suggest that everyday football comes back quickly.

Hoeneb’s statements don’t sound very reassuring either. «I find it charlatanical to say today what will happen in four weeks. We have to give the scientists time to find the therapeutic. Everyone else is foam beating. » DFB general secretary Friedrich Curtius also sees a Herculean task: “All of German society is facing one of its greatest challenges, including football. The extent is not yet quite foreseeable, I’m afraid that we are only at the beginning. »

The Berlin Senate closed all sports venues on Saturday – including the Olympic Stadium and the old forester – until April 19. At least Hertha BSC and Union Berlin will not be able to return to the game before Easter as hoped. That is already certain before the league assembly. «But I am not a clairvoyant how long the topic will be with us. The important thing is to first put the cards on the table very seriously, then deal with them and discuss possible solutions at the end of the day, »Rummenigge demanded.

If the sporting and economic worst case occurs and the season actually has to be ended after 25 game days, the loss of television funds for the last nine rounds would mean a loss of income of around 370 for all 34 match days with around 1.4 billion euros in total TV money Million euros accrued.

The DFL also knows that the TV stations and streaming services could claim the services not provided. “These are private contractual agreements that are understandably not intended for the public,” said the main contract partner Sky. Damage in the three-digit million range would also result from lost sponsorship money and missing entry fees.

“It is to be hoped that the Bundesliga clubs have built up so much substance in the past few years that everyone will survive this crisis,” Watzke had said, thereby underpinning Rummenigge’s previous statements. “If this payment were not made, it would be expected that at least many small and medium-sized clubs would get financial problems,” said the Bayern boss. Rummenigge had received criticism on social networks for the admission that he had hesitated for a long time to cancel the match day this weekend, especially for economic reasons.

It will be crucial to end the Bundesliga season by June 30 at the latest when many player contracts expire. German football will speak out in favor of an EM postponement to 2021, which UEFA will decide on Tuesday. There is backing of the fans for this. According to a survey by the opinion institute Bundesliga Barometer in cooperation with Sport1, only 3.3 percent of those surveyed are still in favor of an EM this summer.

The Champions League and Europa League, which could possibly use final four tournaments to determine their winners in May to create replacement slots for the national leagues, have also deteriorated, reports the Spanish newspaper “As”.

A solidarity fund brought into play by former DFL top man and St. Pauli official Andreas Rettig – a lateral thinker in the industry – is viewed with skepticism. One is not the European Central Bank and can not tap into emergency reserves like the federal policy.

The noticeably increasing nervousness in the executive floors of the clubs has its reason. The situation is so serious that sporty case scenarios for a complete cancellation on Monday have long been discussed, it said. According to the statutes, the options are diverse. With a three-quarters majority, a championship choice could take place according to the current table standings at the Green Table. It would be more likely that there will be no master in 2020. The DFL would also have to decide to increase the league in order to avoid tough promotion and relegation questions. Decisions on this issue are not yet expected.

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