but where did they go?

but where did they go?

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Prince Charles and Camilla strangely silent: but where did they go?

In the midst of a coronavirus health crisis, Prince Charles and Camilla are very discreet. It is in Scotland that they have been living their confinement for a few days.

England has not been spared: in the country, the Covid-19 is raging. Faced with this epidemic, the British royal family took every precaution to avoid being contaminated. Queen Elizabeth II – who is about to do a historic speech in the midst of a health crisis – had to give up on future commitments before leaving Buckingham Palace. Since March 19, she took refuge at Windsor Castle for an indefinite period. Prince Philip, who usually stays in Sandringham, preferred to join His Majesty in this period of health crisis: it was by helicopter that he arrived at their home.

Unable to perform her duties as she usually does, the queen has passed the torch to his grandson, Prince William, who hastened to reassure the British with a speech from the future king. With his wife Kate Middleton, they wish “Helping the most vulnerable”. Prince Harry, currently confined to the United States with Meghan Marke and Archie could be called to help him.

Prince Charles and Camilla far from London

Unlike other members of the royal family, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have been very discreet for a few days. According to information from Bazaar, it’s far from London that they confined themselves. The couple fled to their Birkhall mansion in Scotland after canceling their next official trip planned for spring to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Jordan. It is thanks to new technologies that the main heir to the throne of England maintains contact with his Clarence House teams.


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