Carsharing lowers prices and reinforces the cleaning of your cars against the coronavirus

Carsharing lowers prices and reinforces the cleaning of your cars against the coronavirus

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Car sharing companies have increased sanitation measures for their vehicles for those customers who need to use their services these days.

The companies of carsharing they are preparing for a weekend of minimum bookings but they want to make sure that those customers

who need to use their services do so with security guarantees.

Zity has put in place a plan of extraordinary measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Temporarily eliminates dynamic pricing to set it at the minimum. In other words, the rates will be 0.21 per minute for driving and 0.06 euros for stand-by minutes. The objective is to make travel as much as possible, if necessary, which is why, temporarily, until the end of the health alert, supplements are suspended for starting or ending a trip outside the M40.

It has also temporarily eliminated airport service due to the reduction in passenger arrivals and departures.

In addition, it has increased the cleaning measures of its cars, starting up itinerant cleaning teams that will travel throughout Madrid, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the vehicles.

Inside the vehicles it has placed wipes that facilitate the cleaning of hands, steering wheel and other elements of the vehicle for each client to use.

The 15 new ozone cleaning machines that it has incorporated into its facilities these days will allow increasing the frequency and reducing waiting times.

Vehicle cleaning

To the general recommendations to wash your hands, put your elbow when coughing or sneezing and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, some carsharing companies have sent their clients specific recommendations.

Wible informs its clients by email that it has tripled the cleaning and sanitizing of their vehicles with electrostatic spray technology and antiviral products.

The badge that ensures that the cars are 100% sanitized can be seen in the rear view mirror of the cars. “It was done before, but we have increased the frequency and now it is done daily,” explains Carlos Blanco, CEO of Wible.

ShareNow It has also sent a message to users with extraordinary cleaning measures.



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