“Chances for MotoGP races in Austin are slim”


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The Austin race on April 5 is currently more than uncertain

When will be the first MotoGP-Races to take place in the 2020 season? After the premier class race in Qatar had to be canceled and the Thailand Grand Prix was postponed to October, Austin is set to kick off the season on April 5.

However, there is also a big question mark behind the race in the USA due to the worldwide spread of CoViD-19. Recently a music festival in Austin, which was planned from March 13 to 22, had to be canceled. The people in charge of the Motorcycle World Championship are also aware of the situation there.

“The chance that we will see the US Grand Prix on April 5 is very slim,” FIM President Jorge Viegas told Catalunya Radio. “We’re working on finding an alternate date for Austin. Things are moving so fast right now that we can’t say more.”

In principle, the MotoGP calendar is filled and there are hardly any free dates if the other races are carried out according to plan. Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta has already admitted that one wants to keep “all possibilities” open and one could also race “until Christmas” if necessary.

At least 13 Grand Prix have to be driven for the World Championship to apply. Viegas is confident that there will be significantly more races. “Should we have to drive in January, we will do it. We could also do two races in one weekend or without an audience.”

The Formula 1 race in Bahrain will take place on March 22nd without spectators. “In the current situation there are no taboos,” says Viegas. “You have to be flexible and creative.” With the Superbike World Championship, FIM and Dorna have another worldwide racing series whose calendar is also uncertain. Qatar had to be canceled for the near-series bikes.

Jorge Viegas

Jorge Viegas

For MotoGP, Viegas also does not rule out the possibility of moving to Portugal, although the country is currently not on the calendar. “Portimao is a replacement route, just like Estoril. There are currently no restrictions in Portugal.” By the way, Viegas comes from Portugal. He was born in Faro.


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