Chinese experts criticize Italy’s measures

Chinese experts criticize Italy's measures

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The Chinese Red Cross has criticized the measures taken by the Italian government to combat the new corona virus. The curfews would not be enforced consistently. This would not prevent the virus from spreading.

Chinese Red Cross sees mistakes

Italy is the country most severely affected by Covid-19 in Europe. Chinese specialists are currently in Italy to advise the authorities.

Sun Shuopeng is Vice President of the Chinese Red Cross:

“I see many problems with the restrictions in Italy. We have just returned from Padua. Here in Milan, the region most affected by the virus, the curfew is not being enforced consistently. Local public transport is still in operation and the people still move freely in public. Dinner is given and celebrations are taking place in the hotels. Nobody wears masks. ”

Sudden climb south of Rome

China claims to have successfully tackled the virus.

The hospitals in Rome are now working flat out to provide more intensive care beds.

A comprehensive curfew was imposed in Fondi, south of the capital. Nobody is allowed to go on the street. The number of cases there had recently skyrocketed. Until then, such strict measures had only been imposed in the north of the country.

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