Clarification on the homologation of the engine and aerodynamics

Clarification on the homologation of the engine and aerodynamics

The engine specification and the aerodynamics are homologated according to the status of Qatar – clarification of the officials, how it looks in practice

Last week we reported that the engine and aerodynamics development will be stopped for the time being. For the homologation, the specifications are used that would have been used for the canceled MotoGP race, which should have taken place in Qatar on March 8th. It has now been clarified by the official side how the exact procedure for the homologation works.

The international motorcycle association FIM, the team association IRTA, the manufacturer association MSMA and MotoGP promoter Dorna have agreed that for reasons of equality and fairness the technical status of Qatar is used for homologation. In addition, this can be done digitally in times of restrictions caused by the corona pandemic.

Ducati and Aprilia in Italy and KTM in Austria are currently closed due to COVID-19. The three Japanese factories of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are not currently being forced by government to close their offices and workshops.

The engine specification must according to the regulations remain the same for the entire season. That applies to Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and Suzuki. Only KTM and Aprilia are allowed to work on the engine because they have exceptions to the concession rule.

The teams concerned now have two options for homologating their engine specification. On the one hand, sample parts can be sent to FIM. These can then be used for comparison purposes during the season.

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Aero body MotoGP 2020

The aero body defined in the regulations for 2020

Photo: FIM

On the other hand, digital drawings of the engine can be sent in. Manufacturers usually provide a complete engine, or samples of all the parts that make up the engine.For example, if a manufacturer uses a different motor specification in a satellite team than in the factory team, this motor must also be homologated for the corresponding driver.

Honda has already delivered all the sample parts of the engines in Qatar. The homologation of the engine is already done for Honda. The other manufacturers sent in sample parts. They must meet the same specification as those motors that are stored in the boxes of the Losail circuit.

Digital drawings of the first aero body for each driver must also be sent to the organization. If the fairings and additional aerodynamic elements, which are defined in certain areas, comply with the regulations, the aerodynamics are also homologated.

All other areas of the motorcycle that are not subject to homologation may be developed as during a normal season. FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna argue against a complete cessation of development, because that would be difficult to control. Even the currently closed plants are trying to continue working in the home office.

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