Cleaning has this influence on your relationship

Cleaning has this influence on your relationship

Spring cleaning is coming up – for three out of four Germans it is simply one of them. On this occasion, the Swiss cleaning agent specialist durgol asked in a study what effects the topic of cleaning has on the relationship. Those who know the facts may be able to avoid one or the other argument. This way, the relationship is maintained when the apartment is cleaned.

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Quarreling about cleaning shapes many relationships

It’s no secret that cleaning is a recurring issue for many couples. Many people have experienced it first-hand: the occasion is small, the argument is all the greater. According to Durgol, poor cleanliness – from smeared window panes to “woolen mice” flying around – leads to an argument in 44 percent of all couples at least once a month. In every tenth relationship, the topic is even on the agenda every week with loud words.

Relationship-off with plastering muffles quite likely

The following results of the study are all the more alarming: 44 percent, ie almost every second, also states that poor cleanliness kills the relationship in the long run. So it is a real reason for separation!

In the younger target group, the under-40-year-olds, even a slight majority of 52 percent are not willing to endure a lack of cleanliness for love. Spring cleaning here can lead to spring feelings and give new impetus to love. But woe if you’d rather relax on the couch than swing your rags every now and then.

These things can break your relationship pretty quickly!

Taboo topic cleanliness? Many friends stay out

And what do the friends say when it comes to cleanliness? Often nothing, durgol knows. For every fourth acquaintance this is a taboo subject – even subtle hints are out of the question. 42 percent would not initiate a discussion about it, but would certainly drop a (helpful) comment. After all, every third person is ready to speak plainly here: Hello, you have to clean up again! It is quite possible that this open manner saves a relationship …

The (cleaning) devil is in the details

For the big spring cleaning, the exciting question now is how to best organize the matter – and unfortunately the anger is pre-programmed. Pretty much half of those surveyed cleans when they need to clean, preferably on their own. Conversely, this also means that the others assume that cleaning in the team is still best. If two contrary views come together here, it quickly happens that the sole cleaning fan prevails simply because the partner is no longer available for the team. Even the best marriage contract doesn’t help.

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