Combat hair loss with homemade bay oil!

Combat hair loss with homemade bay oil!

Combat hair loss with homemade bay oil!

The laurel It is a plant that contains many benefits for our body thanks to antioxidant properties.


Among its benefits we can find that Bay leaves improve digestion, treat respiratory problems, fight inflammation, protect our heart, have anti-cancer properties, reduce stress and anxiety, control diabetes and TAKE CARE OF OUR HAIR.

This last benefit caught my attention, since in addition to improve the appearance of hair follicles and eliminate dandruff, it can also combat hair loss, so today I will tell you how to prepare laurel oil for hair.


Take note!

You will need to:

* 15 grams of bay leaves

* Cup of sweet almond oil (200 grams)

* Glass container to store the oil

How is it done?

one. Place the bay leaves in the glass container.

two. Add the almond oil.

3. Close the jar.

4. Place the jar in a cool place and let it stand 30 to 40 days.


5. Once the time has passed, Put the oil when your hair is wet from the roots to the ends as a massage.

Apply 1 time a weekto this homemade oil to notice results of a strong mane and with a beautiful effect.


I assure you that the wait will be worth it, do not forget to go to a specialist if you notice that the hair falls out frequently in large quantities, this in order to carry out the appropriate treatment.


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