Confined humans, animals (a little) less annoyed

Confined humans, animals (a little) less annoyed

A deer in a field in Saint-Inglevert, near Calais, in 2019.

The bullfights scheduled in Arles have been canceled, the hunt is partly suspended … But in circuses or shelters, animals suffer from our confinement.

First good news: fewer cars on the road, thousands of animals that will not end up being run over or hit. “It is all the better for nature that we are entering a period of reproduction”, said Madline Rubin, director of the Aspa (association for the protection of wild animals). Another source of rejoicing for the game: containment measures oblige, the hunting with hounds was closed with two weeks in advance. “But for other forms of hunting, the gain for animals is minimal, adds Madline Rubin. The general closure took place at the end of February, only wild boars could be hunted until the end of March. The problem is that we are now seeing prefectural derogations blooming allowing the killing of such and such a species … In addition, specific hunts, such as that of the badger, are authorized over very long periods. ”

The confinement of humans has not changed the fate of bulls doomed to die in the arena either. Admittedly, the Arles fair, scheduled for April 10 to 13, has been canceled. But the rest is still unclear: according to Andre Viard, founder of the National Observatory of Bullfighting Cultures, the organizers of the Pentecost ferias in Vic-Fezensac (Gers) and Nîmes (Gard), scheduled for late May-early June, are considering a report. The aficionado hopes for his part “That from mid-June the calendar will be respected”.

Shelters closed

For its part, the SPA has to face a delicate situation: its 52 shelters had to be closed, the adoptions are suspended, the dogs remain cloistered in their boxes. No animal leaves, but thousands continue to enter, as Jacques-Charles Fombonne, president of the SPA explains: “Our shelters receive an average of 3,500 animals each month from the pound. This figure has remained stable despite the epidemic, as have dropouts. But since there is no longer any adoption, and our shelters were already very busy, they will be completely full in the coming days. “ The SPA is therefore looking for host families likely to welcome an animal during confinement. “They can contact us via our website this weekend, specifies Jacques-Charles Fombonne. We are also trying to put in place simplified adoption procedures. ”

Have circus animals been better off since the start of the epidemic? Surely not, answers Muriel Arnal, president of One Voice: “Total containment is what they endure throughout their lives. Certainly, as circuses no longer circulate, these animals no longer have to suffer the fatigue of homelessness. But circus performers no longer have income related to shows. So there’s a lot of concern about their ability to feed their animals, especially the big cats. ” The investigators of One Voice having had to stop their activities too, the association no longer has visibility on emergency situations. “We alerted the ministry of ecological transition and proposed to place animals in sanctuaries, continues Muriel Arnal. We didn’t get an answer. ”

In the meantime, La Taniere, a zoo-refuge located in Eure-et-Loir and specializing in the reception of “exotic” animals, in particular from laboratories or seizures, says it is crumbling under requests for emergency animal placements circuses. La Den is thus faced with increasing expenses which jeopardize its existence and calls for donations.


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