Coronavirus: Dating platform Tinder takes action

Coronavirus: Dating platform Tinder takes action

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A Tinder event was canceled due to the corona virus

The corona virus now also affects our dating life. Tinder takes tough measures … It should be THAT Tinder highlight of the year in February Tinder announced that the “Swipe Night” will come to Germany on March 14th. In the fall of 2019, the interactive experiment was already a huge success in the United States. But now the international launch was canceled at short notice.

The Tinder Swipe Night has been canceled

In view of the developments surrounding the corona virus, the “Swipe Night” would have had a bland aftertaste. Because everything revolves around quick decisions in one Doomsday scenario. Do I want to help the injured man or ignore the cries for help while a comet is hurtling towards Earth? And should I get in the dirty car or run to the girlfriend’s house? We just see enough panic and chaos in the real news – and they don’t make you want to dating.

Here is the official statement from Tinder: “We have decided that the international launch of the Swipe Night series will not take place this weekend. We were very much looking forward to sharing this innovative experience with our members outside of the USA. We want that but then like to do it in the right atmosphere apocalyptic theme of the series and because of current events, this is rather difficult. “

In the trailer you can see what would have awaited you on March 14th. So far there is no new date for the “Swipe Night”.

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