Coronavirus News: List Trick Against Quarantine Blues

Coronavirus News: List Trick Against Quarantine Blues

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The corona virus changes everyday life – and we want to be prepared. That’s why we asked a psychologist about her quarantine blues trick.

From morning to evening we sit there, sometimes at the desk, sometimes on the sofa. And suddenly we feel like the grandmother from the other person, whom we usually only wave at from afar while she sits for hours at the window and looks out. That was once – now we’re going to quarantine ourselves. Only go out when it is necessary or we need fresh air and then alone.

The corona crisis is changing our everyday lives and, above all, our living environment enormously. That is good and useful to the spread of the Corona virus to slow down. But as full of vigor as we are during the day, protecting others and ourselves, avoiding the contagion and promoting social distancing on all channels – so secretly does the ceiling fall on our heads in the evenings.

We are at home in the morning. We work from home. We are at home in the evening. And that for almost a fortnight now. Even if we have prepared ourselves against loneliness, have driven away the first lack of drive (here our editors’ tips), one feeling remains: the quarantine blues.

Coronavirus-era psychologist: “I’m a big fan of lists”

And exactly there is a very simple remedy. This was revealed to us by a psychologist who copes with her everyday life even without a corona crisis using this method: the list trick ensures good feelings in quarantine.

What’s the matter? Quite simply, you write yourself a list every day. Not only can annoying to-dos such as washing up or hanging up the laundry stand on it, but also fun time-outs, such as a walk in the fresh air or a bike ride to the park around the corner.

Think about what you wanted to do for a long time but never got around: reordering the bookshelf. Muck out the closet. Sow a windowsill garden. Make ginger shots yourself. Cook Marmelade. As you can see, there are no limits.

If you summarize a few points on a list every day, this creates not only structure, but above all a sense of achievement in the evening. The psychologist explains:

If you take on something and at the end of the day can say that I have successfully worked through it, I have achieved something – then it makes everyone feel good.

And finally, all of us can use good feelings at the moment.

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