coronavirus, quarantine, telecommuting, and two young children

coronavirus, quarantine, telecommuting, and two young children

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Paradoxes of life, just over six months ago I was on vacation sunbathing on a crowded beach in Castellon – sorry, receiving it because I did not stop running after the children – and today I see myself singing I will resist while writing about anything with my two children stuck to the back asking: “Mom, are we going down to the park today?” What more would I want, son, what more would I want …

I don’t know how many days ago – has anyone else lost count? – I started telework while the children were at home. I tried it once. “Mom, do you play with me? Mom, do you catch me?” Felix is ​​about to turn 4 years old and Mario is missing a couple of months to turn two. Telecommuting with them at home has always been a pipe dream. I open the laptop and I have not entered the password when the oldest is asking to go to his room to play with cars. I put the password in the computer and while it starts I have arranged a road trip that I hope will keep you busy for at least 10 minutes. But I haven’t sat in the chair and I already have the little one tugging at my sleeve asking for food. Seriously?

The first experience teleworking during a weekend guard I was about to go to the emergency room to get anxiolytics directly. Since that day, whenever I have had to work from home, I have called grandparents – holy grandparents – to be able to do something. “Mom, tell me you have no plans today. Can you keep the children?”

Today I know they have no plans (I’m sorry as long as it takes me to breathe a sigh). Those grandparents who save me day by dayBefore, they took the little ones home and entertained them with all kinds of torture. “Grandma, do you catch me? Grandpa, let’s go catch-up!” And so during the endless hours that Mom was working. Today, after the state of alarm went into effect, I had to go home to my parents, reducing my sacred living space to two rooms (and hopefully). I have 35 years and my independence is ruined again. Damn coronavirus!

Last Monday, my mother, in a further beatification act, came home to pick up the children to take them away. Blessed 8.30 in the morning. At the entrance to his portal, the national police caught his attention. “Madam, don’t you know that children cannot go outside? You are unsupportive! “My poor mother called me very upset because the agents did not give her the opportunity to explain herself and she was embarrassed. She has to be annoyed and now what do I do? Hours racking my brains while writing a few lines around here and I was looking for photos over there, consulting my sister, my cousin, my friends and the neighbor across the street (with whom I have never crossed more than two sentences) I came to the dreaded conclusion: return to my parents’ house.

We live in difficult times. The agent who bucked my mother probably just wanted to underline the vital importance of maintaining quarantine, although she lost her ways with a citizen who was only trying to help her daughter reconcile her life, completely ramshackle with quarantine. I’m not the only one. I have a friend who every time he makes a video conference with his bosses fears that his daughter will suddenly appear with his latest drawing in his hand where his bald father is seen than he really is and he shows it to all his colleagues through the screen. “Can you imagine what Salva does?” I ask sarcastically. “I disappear”, he answers ipso facto.

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To the household chores have been added those of teachers, friends and nurses. And parents, we do not want to do homework, we do not feel like playing and it even bothers us to look for the kit to put hydrogen peroxide on the wound that has just been done to the knee by jumping from the sofa after having repeated it 235 times do not jump from the sofa. What’s more, if we could, we left them the simplest cooking recipes to that they were making the food while we finished our works that, by the way, with the fact that we are all the time at home, it seems that we do nothing else. And see that there are options. to get started the video calls. I have never had such volume or with so many people. So what I have been months without seeing each other at other times of the year and everything was so normal. To follow, the calls for applause on the window / terrace / balcony. The stress level reaches the children: “ho, mom, did I miss it?” I asked yesterday while we finished the bath. We did not arrive on time and that without leaving home!

External help needed: caregivers, grandparents, uncles … But if neither we nor they can go outside, how do we do it? It turns out that Article 7 E of the Royal Decree declaring a state of alarm allows “assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people”. And of course, in the face of such ambiguity, people wonder about their personal cases. What if I have no choice but grandparents? What if I urgently need to go shopping and I can’t leave them alone at home? What if I’m considering tying them to the chair? The authorities’ response is common sense. “If there is no other alternative, you can do it as long as it is individually.” Let’s close the windows so that common sense does not abandon us, but we are lost.

In the end I consider that having returned to my parents’ house is the best possible decision. I am lucky even if I am not in my bed, nor can I impose my rules, nor do I have my supply of chocolate and jelly beans with which I can reduce stress. Great: I have to go down to urgently buy basic necessities, but I see that I gag children with grandparents while I manage to finish the topic I have pending.


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